New Rachael Ray EVOO Hits the Shelves now features Rachael's new extra virgin olive oil! This is the product that Rachael said would be sold in the regular grocery store instead of in specialty stores like Sur La Table. The prices certainly fit with that philosophy: a 17-ounce bottle costs $8.95 and a 34-ounce bottle costs $17.95. Not surprisingly, the new product is called "Rachael Ray All-Italian EVOO."

While Colavita isn't mentioned in the description of the product, Rachael has been talking about developing an Italian olive oil with the company for some time. She even mentioned previously that she has a family connection to the Colavita company. So I guess we should assume this is it? Especially since her previous olive oil was from Spain and this new one is billed as "All-Italian" and has a grocery store price.

Here's the description:
Rachael Ray All-Italian EVOO

Extra Virgin Olive Oil specially produced in Italy for Rachael! This EVOO is a certified "Product of Italy," which means it's made from 100% premium Italian olives-considered the finest in the world. Everyone who watches Rachael's cooking show knows that EVOO can turn any dish from so-so to "Yum-o" in no time. Now you can use the same EVOO that Rachael uses for whisking into salad dressings, drizzling over grilled veggies, or marinating meats for grilling. And because the olives are cold-pressed one day after harvest to extract the finest juices without processing, this EVOO is good for you because it's chock full of antioxidants which help increase good cholesterol in the blood. Rachael Ray All-Italian EVOO is available in great-looking half-liter and one-liter glass bottles that you can put right on your table!

I will definitely be checking out my grocery store shelves to see if it's there yet.

Amazon seems to know that the new EVOO is being released - they cut prices on both the large and small bottles of Rachael's old Spanish EVOO. Even with the discount, the Spanish EVOO costs almost twice as much as the new Italian EVOO. That is exactly why I only bought one bottle of the fancy stuff and will buy many bottles of the new stuff....


  1. I saw it at Linens 'n Things last week. If it weren't for the sticker shock, I might have picked some up, but until Costco starts carrying it, I'm sticking with theirs. ;)

  2. Cate - Did you have sticker shock with the old stuff or the new stuff? I only bought one bottle of the old stuff, but the new stuff is priced competitively with the stuff in my store.


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