Next Cookbook Theme Revealed

Viewers of Rachael Ray's talk show learned a secret last Friday - the theme for her next cookbook!

While doing her introduction about the talk show's topics for the day, Rachael said she'd be sharing a double duty dinner. That's a meal that you make one night, then use the leftovers to create an entirely new meal the next night.

Rachael said she's currently obsessed with double duty cooking because it is part of the theme for her new cookbook. Here's exactly what she said:

I have been kind of obsessed with double duty cooking recently. I'm working on the next cookbook and it's a 15, 30 and 60. 15-minute meals, 30-minute meals and 60-minute meals and all the 60's are doubles. That means in the time it takes you to make one meal, you can split it up and make two entirely different tasting meals with two different personalities on two different nights.

Not that I wouldn't have bought it anyways, but I am soooo buying this one. A 15-minute meal every once in awhile is definitely in order. And when in the mood, I'd be willing to cook for 60 minutes to save time the next night.

For an example of a double-duty meal, check out the recipes Rachael made on her talk show: Roasted Pork Tenderloin with Green Onion Smashed Potatoes & Roasted Green Beans and Cheddar-Smothered Pork & Applesauce Sammies with Tangy, Sweet Apple-Dressed Greens.

Long-time Rachael Ray fans (and some new ones) will recognize the double-duty idea from 30-Minute Meals 2, which is probably still my favorite Rachael Ray cookbook. There's a small chapter in 30 Minute Meals 2 devoted entirely to double-duty dinners. Lucky for us, Rachael allowed them to post all of them in the Food Network archive. Here you go:

  • Dinner Tonight, Lunch Tomorrow: Poached Salmon with Dijon Dill Sauce; New Potatoes with Milk; Salmon Cakes with Baby Greens & Spicy Mayo
  • Double Up Dinners: Caponata And Herb Polenta; Caponata Pasta Bake
  • Double Duty Dinners: Chicken Divan Tonight, Chicken Tetrazzini Next Week
  • Fast and Freezeable: Spanish-Style Beef and Rice; Stuffed Chili Peppers With Beef, Rice, Spinach and Cheese; Latin Tapenade
  • Double Your Pleasure: Poached Chicken and Vegetables with Couscous; Portuguese Chicken
  • Two for One: Grilled Boneless Leg of Lamb; Baby Potatoes With Cumin; Watercress Salad With Lime Dressing; Lamb Pitas With Tomato, Scallions and Mint Yogurt Dressing

I tried the Double Your Pleasure menu a looooong time ago and it was a keeper. Thanks to Leigh for bringing the episode to my attention (so that it wouldn't just sit in TiVo waiting for me when there was such exciting news)!


  1. I made the Fast and Freezable menu years ago and we loved it.

  2. That one always catches my eye when I flip through 30 Min Meals 2.


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