Rachael Interviewed on the Road

Happy New Year! I thought we'd start off the year with an interesting interview Rachael Ray did with the Seattle Post-Intelligencer. At a recent book signing for her newest cookbook Rachael Ray 2, 4, 6, 8: Great Meals for Couples or Crowds, Rachael Ray signed about 500 books for 400 fans. It's all in a day's work for Rachael, who also filmed a segment for her talk show at Volterra Italian restaurant while she was in town.

The article reveals that Rachael has a $6 million deal with her publisher and that her talk show "now holds the fourth spot among syndicated chat fests, ahead of Ellen DeGeneres."

While she signed books for the store's stock, Rachael talked to John Marshall of the P-I. (He mistakenly calls her Italian American - she's half Sicilian. But whatever.) Marshall says that Rachael was "cordial, but professional out of public view. She seldom passed 80 percent on the perk-o-meter."

If you've ever wondered if Rachael writes her cookbooks herself or tests the recipes herself, well, now we know:

"I have several rules for my cookbooks. They can't cost more than a CD. The recipes can't require special tools. And I always try to pay attention to what my readers say they want more of from my previous books.

I never put anything in the cookbooks that I haven't come up with myself. And I try everything, too, since I am not a chef. If somebody else did either of those things for the cookbooks, people would know it in a heartbeat."

Rachael says that next year there will be two new cookbooks, but after that, she will be cutting back to only one cookbook per year.

On the issue of whether she worries about overexposure:

I'm very picky. The knives that have my name on them are the result of my approaching the knife company for a design because I am very klutzy in the kitchen. The olive oil with my name comes from Colavita in Italy because they are related to my family. . . .

I just think there's no point in limiting yourself when things are going all right.

Poor Rachael is always dealing with the "are you a bad tipper" question. Here's her "on the record" response:

That show is now called "Tasty Travels," not $40 a day. But I always over-tip. I often leave $20 tips since I was a waitress once. Even on the show I always leave at least a 15 percent tip.

Now, we've heard before that Rachael was a cheerleader in high school, but we certainly didn't know this:

I certainly was a cheerleader in high school -- and a darn good one! I was the ta-dah cheerleader, the one who climbed to the top of the pyramid and then flipped into the arms of other cheerleaders. And I was also the cheerleader that would run the length of the gym, do a flip and then end with the splits.

And the award for stupidest question ever asked to Rachael Ray is won by the P-I: "What was your high school team?" Wow, thanks for asking the tough questions, dude. I admire Rachael's patience in these interviews!

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