Rachael Ray Answers Our Questions

Way back in September, Rachael Ray was interviewed by Time Magazine. After the interview was posted, Rachael responded to questions submitted from readers. Most of the questions are pretty, well, bland. Here are the ones I found interesting, but you can check out all of the questions and Rachael's answers by going here.

On staying in shape:

Rachael says her "favorite home morning routine is 100 butt lifts and at least 20 push-ups." She also said: "I don't believe in counting calories, eat in moderation and you won't have to worry about the numbers."

On sharing your recipes with Rachael:

When a fan said she had some great recipe ideas she wanted to share, Rachael says we can submit them at www.rachaelrayshow.com.

On her favorite meal:

When asked "If you could only have one meal the rest of your life, what would you have?", Rachael said: "I would never pick one meal. I would rather die."

On budget meals:

For college students pressed for time, Rachael recommended making "a huge pot of simple chili, or an easy stew or a sauce that you can save and eat all week."

And the main thing that Rachael and I have in common?

A hatred of mayo. On whether she eats fast food, Rachael says "I will grab something in a pinch. A whopper, no mayo add mustard."

[Photo from Time]


  1. you look amazing Rachael, so healthy and vibrant!

  2. If Rachael reads this blog, I am sure she will appreciate your comment, Ulla!


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