Rachael Ray on Best Dressed List

The New York Daily News decided to publish its own list of the Best and Worst Dressed New Yorkers. Rachael Ray squeaked into the Best Dressed List at number nine.

Here's what the newspaper had to say about her style: "She's like the supercool mom who drove the high school boys crazy: There's just enough sexy '70s chic - thanks to tight jeans, leather jackets and wristbands - to balance the domestic goddess within." I am not sure I have seen her wear wristbands, but I'll take their word for it.

The Worst Dressed list includes one of Rachael's colleagues and friends: Mario Batali. The Daily News loves "the man and his food dearly, but after a decade of shorts, vests and plastic sandals - with socks! - Batali's party-king uniform is wearing thin, just like that pony tail. Freckled legs are cute, but somebody buy this man some cargo pants, a buzz cut and a pair of orange Pumas." Poor Mario....

[Photos from Every Day with Rachael Ray and the New York Daily News]


  1. Yeah what is up with Mario's orange crocs?!?! LOL!

    Rachael has started dressing a lot better. Guess she got a stylist!

  2. Maybe she borrowed Oprah's stylist?

  3. yeah, what's up with shorts all the time?

    rachael alwasy is wearing great shoes whenever i catch her talk show.

  4. I don't get the crocs. At all. I don't get them for teenagers and so I really don't get them for Mario.

  5. A lot of chefs have their "trademark". The one thing that they are known for. Emeril's is his catchphrases ("Bam!"). Mario's is his shorts and his crocs. I don't get why people get so nuts of it. He's who he is and he won't change to please people. I admire that about him. So many celebs these days let their "stylists" decide who they are.

  6. Melissa - hey, I admire Mario for sticking with it, but crocs? Couldn't he have picked a better fashion choice for his signature?

    More power to him!


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