Rachael Ray's Dating Diet

The Toronto Sun's Jennifer Parks took a cue from Rachael Ray and recommended that singles just give up for awhile. On her talk show, Rachael challenged singles to "stop obsessing about finding a partner and to start having fun."

Rachael introduced her Single Girl Challenge, which is a fun and unique idea. She said singles should go on "dating drought" for 90 days so that they can simply stop obsessing about being in a couple and start focusing on themselves. Parks says this "can have the spin-off effect of making them a better catch." Here's what Rachael had to say about it:

"Before I got married, I had 36 years of experience as a single girl," Ray told her audience. "I put men way down on the list, and life and work and having fun way up high. I bet if you don't date for 90 days, you'd be better at your job, have a new hobby or two and be even more sparkling and entertaining. You're going to bring out the best part of you and maybe find the right kind of guy instead of just guy."

Here's what Rachael included on her website to help out the Single Girl Challenge participants:

  • "If you're at a restaurant, sit at the bar instead of at a table. People won't think it's weird if you strike up a conversation."
  • "When you're at the park, play with a stranger's dog rather than focusing on the couples walking hand-in-hand. Look every day for opportunities to smile rather than be miserable."
  • Remove your profile from the dating Web sites.
  • "Pick one new activity you'd like to try or join a club that piques your interest and spend some time indulging in the things that get you excited. Your enthusiasm will draw people to you. "
  • "For the next 90 days, just really think about you! Really, how many times do people ask you to be selfish?"


  1. Good advice. Wish I'd heard that when I was younger. :P

  2. It's what they always say, right? Once you stop looking, you will find someone....

  3. wow, this is interesting. i'm a single gal and not looking for a guy. i've had a husband and am in no hurry for another one. i definately have been putting myself as a priority and i love it.

    i might have to try that sitting at a bar thing. I usually sit at a table by myself if i ever eat alone. I don't really want to be bothered so it isolates me. that can be good and bad.

    the only time i don't like being single is at the airport. there are so many couples and families and all that it reminds me that i'm alone. so that's similar to her park example. all the rest i've been doing already.

  4. Rachel - I can tell you from personal experience that it worked for me! I gave up looking and then found my husband. Funny how things work out that way.


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