Rachael Ray's Pit Bull Advocacy

There's no doubt that Rachael Ray loves her dog, Isaboo. However, a proposed ban on Isaboo's breed (pit bull) in New York City has prompted Rachael to participate in some pit bull advocacy. The New York Post reports that a Queens City Council member, Peter F. Vallone Jr., "called for a citywide ban on pit bulls, explaining that the dogs pose a threat to public safety.: Vallone said: "It's our job to get this done before another child's face is ripped off"

In response to the proposed ban, Rachael used her talk show to plug the "Unexpected Pit Bull Calendar." The calendar, which was sold to benefit the New Jersey Liberty Humane Society, shows "the kid-friendly side of the often stereotyped breed."

When I visited the www.theunexpectedpitbull.com on January 8, 2007, I was greeted with this note:

Dear Friends of the Unexpected Pit Bull,

Thank you for your continued support for our calendar. We regret to announce that the 2007 The Unexpected Pit Bull Calendars are all sold out. Due in large part to our repeat customers and to the staggering response generated by the calendar’s mention on the Rachael Ray Show, the demand has far exceeded this year’s supply. We sold out in record time. We would like to thank all of our customers for their continued support and sales of the Unexpected Pit Bull Calendars.

Did you know that the Unexpected Pit Bull Calendar is comprised of a small team of animal loving volunteers? We are looking to expand our operations in the near future to keep up with the growth. Please email us at retail@theunexpectedpitbull.com to add your email and information to our mailing list. We will send out an announcement when we launch the 2008 The Unexpected Pit Bull Calendar. Also, we will post the 2007 calendar images in the gallery page, so be sure to visit us again in the near future.

Thank you for your support and for your love of these wonderful dogs!

The Unexpected Pit Bull

It's good to hear that Rachael was able to help a cause so close to her heart. For another opinion on the issue, check out Celebrity Dog Watcher.


  1. Good for her for getting involved. I really really hate the bad press pit bulls keep getting. I'm so tempted to blog about it myself. not all pits are the same...most of these pit bulls are bred incorrectly or bred for fighting purposes which causes them to be aggressive. It's a sad thing.

    Thanks for posting this! and go Rachael!!!! (I'll definitely reference you in my blog when I do blog on it!)

  2. It certainly is a controversial issue. I'll keep an eye out on what happens.

  3. Minneapolis is proposing a ban on pit bulls as well. I don't own a pitbull, but have a lot of friends that do. These dogs have the best personalities! Minneapolis officials say that we should ban pit bulls because they are involved in most of the dog attacks. Well then, maybe we should ban white males from teaching since they are involved in most of the cases of inappropriate behavior with school children.

  4. I am not really a dog person, and I even I think these bans are a stupid idea!

  5. I work at a large no-kill shelter that has tons of Pit Bulls. They are very friendly dogs. I've seen lots of aggressive dogs of all different breeds, and they are only aggressive because of the way they were raised. Signaling out Pit Bulls is canine racism. I've met so many Pit Bulls- they are a great breed. It's time the world stops picking on them, and learns the truth. Go Rachael!!!!

  6. Rachael did the right thing. I own a female American Pit Bull Terrier, and she's by far the best dog I've ever owned. It seems like any dog from a "bully" breed has a bad rap these days, but in many cases, it's not true. If we were ever to find ourselves in this situation, I would jump in the middle out of instinct.

    Just a little personal info. I was attacked as a child by a German Shepherd, and I have 2 other family members that were attacked by German Shepherds. Nothing against the breed, but if your going to outlaw one breed(pit bull)....let's be fair, you must outlaw them all.

  7. im really glad your doing this. i have a pitt of my own, a little red nose and it is sick that people think they are such bad dogs i found this on the internet and it explains pittbulls to a "T"
    The Top Reasons Why You Can't Trust Vicious Pit Bulls
    10. They will steal your spot on the couch while you are up getting a soda.
    9. They will take the treat you give them and bury in the back yard like a paranoid crack head hiding their stash.
    8. They will jump on your bed with muddy feet. Making you do laundry...again
    7. They will lick visitors with an uncontrolled passion only they understand.
    6. They will cause children to smile.
    5. They will make you feel horrible for not walking them by looking at you with deep sad eyes.
    4. They will look at you like you committed a crime against them if you don't let them lick your ice cream bowl.
    3. They will cause wide spread happiness in large group settings.
    2. They will crack you up by shaking their butts so hard you think they are going to snap in half.
    And the number one reason why you can't trust vicious Pit Bulls...
    1. They will steal your heart like a thief in the night, showing you complete and pure love that only a Pit Bull can show.
    love Stephanie

  8. Thanks for helping this incredibly funny and loving breed. They deserve all the help celebrities like yourself can offer, before ignorance prevail.

    God bless you.

  9. I am a Pit Bull owner(of 3 to be exact) and they bring so much joy into my life as well as my friends and family. My dogs love eachother so much and do not fight. The love they give is amazing. Thanks Racheal for speaking out for those of us who have a love for pit bulls.

    I agree that baning pit bulls is just like racisim. Its not fair! My stepmother has a chawawa that bites the children when they run from it. And I was bitten by a pomeranian when I was little. You cant say that its only pit bulls that pose a threat. If anything its the people who dont like them that should be banned!

    Thanks Rach!

  10. My husband & I rescued a pit pull from the pound, after much pleading from our son who fell in love with this dog. We were very reluctant at first, especially after the staff had told us he had gotten into one dog fight there. We first researched all the information we could find about the breed, and ultimatley went ahead with the adoption. Initially this guy cowered when you'd try to pet him, and made us suspect he had been abused or was even "in training" to be a fight dog. But kindness, love, attention & lots of exercise has produced the most awesome dog I have ever owned. We've had him for 6 years now and he is a playmate for our neighbor's black lab, licks and plays with the relatives' children that come over for Christmas and doesn't show any signs of aggression, though we do keep a close eye on him "just because."
    Recently, my husband had to have surgery and was hospitalized for 2 weeks. "Tyson" crawled up into my husband's recliner and stayed there the entire time he was gone (with the exception of minimal eating-he lost weight- and unenthusiastic outdoor trips). I realized then how much this dog had come to love us too. In the past I have been bitten by a cocker spaniel, dachshund, & chihuahua. I have owned several "vicious" breeds, doberman, rottweiler, german shepard, and have never been bitten by any of those. It is encouraging to have celebrities advocate for this loving breed. Those with the $$$, popularity, & power will have a substantial influence on the outcome of "pet profiling." Thank you!

  11. Thank you so much Rachel. Its nice to have someone who people look up to as an advocate for these wonderful doggies! Keep it up!!

  12. I like Rachel Ray and her show. But I have a huge problem with Pit Bulls and I think they should be banned in every state in the U.S. period!! Pit Bulls are very dangerous dogs and are so unpredictable. I myself a 32 year old male, fairly tall and I could see when the Pit Bull bit me in this dogs eyes he was set on killing. I don;t care how people think that their Pit Bull will never attack but that is just being naive because one can never know what will set a pit bull off and attack even if they are the owners think they are supposedly "nice dogs"!! Sorry Rachel but I would like to see all Pit Bulls banned for life before they hurt another child or an adult.

  13. I for one am tired of the pit bull fear mongering. The problem is poor dog ownership and dog fighting not the actual breed. I own a well trained boxer whose tail is not docked and whose ears are natural. As a result of this every week I have to hear someone tell me that my "pit bull" should be locked up, destroyed etc. Obviously, these people know so little about the breed that they can't properly identify it--yet they seek to ban it. It's pathetic how ill informed and misguided that these people are.

  14. After losing a 5 year old niece to a pit bull attack, I have to pray that Rachel's hair-brained advocacy fails. Quite frankly, you're all nuts. A vet who has studied pitbulls explained it to me this way: a pitbull's behavior is most similar to schitzophrenia-- given time, nearly all pitbulls will crack the "tame" and "gentle" nature that their owners believe they posess-- what differentiates all is the severity of the crack and against whom or how badly the pitbull's attack will be. Another way of looking at it is having a loaded handgun in your home that you freely allow your children to take outside and play with-- never once believing that it will go off.

    Since I'm all to aware of the vociferous wrath of which you pitbull owners are capable (much like your curs), I'll post my comment as "anonymous".

  15. Keri said,

    I own a red-nosed pit bull that is, besides my children, the love of my life. She is nearly one year old and so far, the best dog I've ever owned. I have lived in my parents house for over three years when Daisy came into my life. At first they were sketchy of the idea of a pit, but then they decided she had to go. I have two children, ten and eight. Daisy has never shown any aggression towards them or any other child for that matter. But, never-the-less, my parents disagreed. When I tried to find a good suitable home for my dog, they threatened to call the pound or we needed to leave their house. My children and I have left the home and now I am in a battle to keep my children and my other child, Daisy. She is my best friend, bring a smile to my face every day child. I pray one day that pit-bulls will be recognized for the wonderful, loving, caring, watching over you, faithful dog breed they are.

    Hoping in Alabama

  16. To the person who feels that pittbulls need to be banned because the turn on people without notice. that is any breed of dog. My brother owned a king shepard that just turned on him and left a really nasty scar. I have a friend who owns a rottie that did the same to his kid. So should they also be banned. I dont think so. the problem is we never hear about any other breed in the paper for 1 reason they havnt been known as fighting dogs. I believe a dog acts the way they do because of there owner. i swore I would NEVER get a puttbull because of the bad rep they had. Guess what i have a pitbull who is the greatest dog i have ever owned. She is so friendly to me the kids and honestly my main reason for getting her was because we moved from the city to the country and have woods all around us i was scared to be alone at night with the two kids. My husband brought her home and i freaked after two weeks of having her im in love she is the most wonderful dog

  17. Thanks, Rach!! I volunteer at the PSPCA in Philadelphia and have walked literally hundreds of pit bulls. They are indeed amazing pups!

  18. I agree fully with the last post! I've had many dogs, when I was growing up in an apartment, we had all small dogs of course. We had to be put beware of dog signs because our 12lb Shitzu bit the mailman, pizzaman and a neighbor. After moving out of my mothers house I was lucky enough to be introduced to pits! Ive owned 3 myself and never has one bitten another dog, person, child.... knocked them over and licked them but other than that, no aggression. My last baby "Kaya" slept with me until she was too big and started stealing the covers. When I was pregnant and couldn't stand the smell of her she would cry at my door and when the baby was born she was her protector... So to the people who want to ban ALL pitbulls might as well think of banning ALL DOGS. They all have teeth, they all have personalities that we can't control.

  19. What Rachel is doing is great. Don't just hope for change, write to the individuals proposing such bans and advocate for the rights of these dogs (victims), and prosecute owners instead.
    Get involved!

  20. I just wanted to toss out that the "Top Ten Reasons Why You can't Trust Vicious Pit Bulls" was used without permission by me, the author, Jason Mann of PitBullLovers.com

    The Original article is located at:

    This article was written by me. Jason Mann. The title of the article was, "Top Ten Reasons You Can't Trust Vicious Pit Bulls."

    Original article is located at:

    Jason Mann

  21. Great Job Rachel Ray! I own a pitbull and love the breed. I hate that they get such a bad rap! My 2 year old son stands on her head ( we don't allow him to do this)but she lick him to pieces afterwards. Keep up the good work advocating the breed. They are beautiful dogs that need love. Thanks again & keep fighting for them. They are great family pets!

  22. well i am myself a bulldog owner and i would not have any other breed.i feel out of fear of whom are puppies will go to i have chosen not to breed her.but i also feel that the public needs to reckonize the fact that this not a vicious breed.it only really has been given one because of the fact of people like vicks.but to completely ban them is completely stupid.i say the ones caught fighting them should be put in a pen together and let them fight to the death i would put my money on that one

  23. There is a real hateful drive against pits on Freerepublic.com. Nearly everyday there is a post against them. I have a pit bull rescue and he is wonderful.He is gentle,sensitive and a big baby.

  24. :) My pit "Sketch" found me. She ran up to me and I was a nervous wreck. She plopped down between my legs and slept. I saw an ad in the paper the next day looking for her. She came from a bad bad neighborhood (sorry for the stereotype) but she's mine now. She was so skittish for the longest time...but now..she's the biggest baby, the sweetest, best dog I've ever had. My first pit, I plan be found by another when my time with Sketch is complete. I have a newfound respect for this breed, and am horrified at the people who mistreat them.

  25. I love ya Rachel! I have a male pit named Dozer. He is wonderful in every sense of the word. He has the biggest heart and is the biggest baby in the world. I try to spoil him and show him he deserves a good life. He came from a bad home so i bought him from his previous own. He loves his life as every pit should. They make wonderful family dogs so thank u Rachel for being another positive voice for pitbulls against all the negative ones in the world. STOP THE ABUSE!!!

  26. Our Pitt Harley has a nickname in our house...Marshmallow! He's soft and sweet and the most harmless dog I have ever known! He's a bit skittish of the unknown and may have a bit of a self esteem problem because he lets other dogs be the Alpha, but he's ALL love! He's a snuggle bug and he wants nothing more than to be a part of our family. It warms my heart to see him "smile" with his fabulous tongue hanging out, because I know he feels happy and well taken care of. It bothers me when people react to the fact that I have a Pitt in the house with my young children. It's pure ignorance to think that I would risk my childrens safety with some vicious dog in my house. I am a Registered Nurse for goodness sake! I can not vouch for ALL Pittbulls out there, because unfortunately there are cruel and heartless humans in this world that train these dogs to attack and fight and break their trusting spirit. I can say, however, that if you are lucky enough to come into contact with a well taken care of and loved Pitt, or a stray Pitt who just needs to find his place in the world, or a Pitt puppy who could probably be the best dog you've ever owned with some love, attention and leadership....you'll be blessed!

    Thank you Rachel for standing up for the breed and raising awareness to stop the abuse of these wonderful dogs!

    Harley's "mommy"

  27. I live in Miami Florida. We have had a ban on pit-bulls here for about 20 years. I hate that so much bad press is given to these dogs. Many times, dogs reported in dog bites, aren't even pit-bulls. The press misinforms, then forgets to correct themselves once they have the entire story.

    I would dearly love to own a pit, sadly, to do that I'd have to move.

  28. Not blaming Pit Bulls for the poor decisions made by the people who want to create dogs that fight is the only way to end the abuse of this breed.
    Take the Pit Bull away from the one who breeds them to fight and they will find another way to express their desire for destruction. Ban the breeders and fight trainers, fine them and imprison them because we will all be safer that way. Funny how we will protect our right to have guns-when people decide how a gun is used...and then when it comes to a dog who is dependant on how it is treated, we would rather kill it than nurture it and protect it. There was a dog attack in my area recently. It was a Rotweiler.

  29. My brother brought home a baby pit that he got from a friend about 7 yrs ago. We named him Boozer..but call him Boo for short. He is a full bred red nose pit. He has the best personanlity and is so full of life. Since day one he has always been laid back,not hyper at all,and very gentle with anyone he comes in contact with. Since he was a pup we were always good about bringing him around people and taking him outside to play and run especially since we live out in the country on 10 acres he has always had lots of room to roam but we do keep him inside which we had never done before with any of our other dogs we have had in the past. He is 72 lbs but thinks he is lap dog and when he sleeps he has to be touching you and he always hogs the bed. When he was a pup we introduced him to the tennis ball which by the way he goes no where without and if you even say the word ball and its not around he barks and starts looking for it. Its sooo funny. My father retired last year and Boo goes everywhere with him. He has been around newborns up to older people and has never shown any sign of aggression and has never bit anyone. He has brought soo many great memories into mine and my families lifes. I couldn't imagine not having him. What I'm trying to get at is this breed is the most loyal and amazing dogs I will ever come acrossed.I get so tired of hearing about people who put this breed down and know nothing except what they hear in the media or from someone else. The pit bulls that get no attention,are always changed up,or bred to fight and are abused yes will probably grow up with aggression and be skiddish but that is not their fault if they were brought into that kind of life and raised that way. Its 100% the owners fault and problem b/c this breed is not born dangerous. I've seen little dogs that are aggressive and other breeds of dogs. Banning out one breed b/c they are so well known in the media for fighting is not fair at all and it kills me to see these amazing loyal dogs shown soo negative when its the humans faults for raising them with no attention or love they just see them as fighting dogs. I hope everyone comes to realize that this breed is no different than any other one out there. I will forever be devoted to this breed.

  30. Yet another precious child had been mauled to death by one of these "loveable & adorable" creatures. See news article for Delhi,CA 10/23/2009. This child was 17 months old. I cann't even walk through my neighbohood for the threat of pitbulls. I can not imagine that anyone who would say that they feel compassion for the death of the child would so passionately advocate pitbulls. It defies all reasoning.

  31. I pray that you post this comment. To honor the little boy that was hideously mauled to death by a pitbull owned by the babysitter. His name was Colton Smith. His picture has appeared in our local news. A beautiful innocent child. The photo of the pitbull, which is still kept alive, shows the dog covered in the child's blood. Thanks, Rachel, for your advocacy of pitbulls, the favorite dog of choice for our local gang bangers.

  32. I've been reading all of these comments and I believe that the people that want to have these beautiful dogs banned are just plain ignorant. Own a pit and you will see how sweet they are. And people saying they "will turn on you", that happens with every dog. I hate how people don't like these sweet dogs but still love those bratty little chihuahuas, and all those vicious little dogs that attack people and still think those are okay.

  33. I personally have a problem with people who think Pit Bulls should be banned. In the past year i lost my female American Pit Bull Terrier to a heart attack her name was Kia she was just about a year old but wasn't with us for the whole year, she wasn't with us for very long. I would do anything to get her back. But in the short time she was i could tell that dog had nothing love for me, my family and friends. I could trust my dog completely. I could even trust her with my 6 year old cousin(supervised of course). A dog breed should not be punished or pushed out because of the irresponsibility of its owner. A dog attacking a person can happen with any breed that has a careless owner.
    I've grown up with Pit Bulls and i've not once met a vicious Pit Bull. Peopl are always reporting Pit Bull attacks on the news but no one ever reports the attacks by other breeds.
    Poeple don't need to ban the breed people need to get all those dumb people off the street. The people that try and make there dog look "tough" by making them wear over sized chains and sometimes chains that aren't even meant for dogs. The breed is already tough as it is it doesn't need anymore dumb people making it look bad. All the breed wants is to please its master and i really hope people really start to see that and realize they're not bad dogs..

  34. I have 2 female pits, Trouble and Honey. Trouble is 14-1/2yrs old and Honey is about 4. They look alike even though they're not related. I live in Las Vegas where pit bulls seem to be the dog of choice, which is great. I take them to the dog park and they run around with all kinds of pits. It's awesome!!! I moved to Vegas from Denver, CO, which is the city that pretty much started the ban on pit bulls over 20yrs ago. I disagree with this ban so much. In Denver, they'll take your dog the first time and you can pay a big fine and get it back. But the second time you're seen with the pit, they take it and destroy it. Can't get over either how they can employ people for the city who have no knowledge about pit bulls, but if it looks like one, they'll take it. So many people have been run out of Denver just because they have a pit bull. It's so unfair. If you're going to ban pit bulls, then you better ban all dogs. I agree with a previous post that all dogs have teeth and you can't control their behavior. And it's always the little yappy dogs that cause problems with your pit if you're in the park or wherever walking your dog...so ban them too!!!

  35. My Beagle friend of 10 years was just killed by 2 of my neighbors pit bulls in my yard. Yeah, Pit Bulls are sweet and innocent. If you people would have seen what these 2 dogs did to my innocent friend you would hate them as much as I do. Thankfully they were put to death the day after they attacked my wonderful dog. People that own these dogs are playing russian roulette with their lives and the lives of others.

    Shame on your Rachael Ray for advocating ownership of these killers. So may people own these dogs that are irresponsible. Thanks to you, now more idiots will own these killers.

  36. I am absolutly astonished by the ignorance of some people. I own three pits and everyone i know owns the breed as well and I have yet to see one "snap". That anonymous person who wrote that, yes, you got bit by "a dog", had it been a german shepard would you still write that? You are ignorant and uneducated and before you spout off stupid comments you should sit down in front of a computer and try to learn something..if your pea sized little brain could do that..
    You and the other idiots who watch the news and think you know something, then go and make statements about banning a breed should get together and jump off a cliff..
    One pissed off Pit Bull lover...
    P.s. Love you Rachel, ignore these morons!

  37. Jeff - Southeast MichiganDecember 12, 2009 at 8:55 AM

    To the owner of the 3 pits calling pit haters morons. If you seen what the 2 pit bulls did to my beagle you wouldn't own them. I have the post right before yours. The pits were young, apparently well cared for and loved. No history of violence. They destroyed my dog. Playing tug of war with him until he ripped apart. Enoying his cries for help and pain. The cop that responded said it was the most horrific scene of violence he's ever seen. Thats from a cop. The strength and visciousness of these dogs is too much for 99% of people. For every 1 good pit, there's 99 of them ready to murder something. I'm not for banning the breed, but there needs to be restrictions on who can own them. Some kind of special handler's license. People like Rachael Ray are highly irresponsible when advocating ownership of these dogs. I would venture to say that the majority of her viewers and followers are NOT capable of owning and training pit bulls. But Rachael makes them sound like the best dog in the world, so why not own one? If you can cook, and eat, why not own a pit bull. All goes hand in hand I guess, somewhow.
    If my Grandson had been in my back yard playing when my Beagle was murdered, it could have been him. And you say we have pea sized brains? When your the one promoting ownership of dogs capable of murdering other animals and children? Really? Honestly, really? Look at your "typical" pit owner: 1. Dope Dealer 2. Red Neck 3. Muscle head with tribal tattoo trying to impress. 4. Low Income/Uneducated 5. You - Obviously falling under 1-4 based on your clever use of name calling in your post.

    Michigan bans fireworks and now smoking to keep us safe and healthy. Why not create a law to protect children and small pets from historically violent dogs?

    One again: Rachael Ray - Quit your irresponsible promoting of pit bull ownership.

  38. To the Pit Bull owners that say "all dogs bite" or "any dog can turn on you": When was the last time you saw one of these headlines in the news:

    (my favorite, just picture it)

    Yes, all dogs can bite. And it hurts. Might get stitches. When a Pit Bull bites, it bites to kill, can kill you, and enjoys killing.

    These dogs needs to be treated like all potentially dangerous and deadly things are treated. With regulation. We regulate chemicals, smoking, guns, explosives, driving, etc. Everything that is potentially dangerous to us if used incorrectly is regulated or licensed. Why not regulate who owns dogs that can potenailly kill? Certain breeds should require a special license and training to own.

    Not everyone qualifies for owning a gun or owning dynamite. Why should just any person be allowed to own a potentially and historically dangerous pet?

  39. http://pit-bulls.christianfunfair.org/attacks.htm

    This site says it all.

    Rachael Ray - Maybe when you or somebody in your family gets mauled you'll stop with the ignorance of promoting ownership of these dogs.

  40. Its nauseating that anybody would want to own one of these dogs. If your self esteem is that low that you need to look like a "bad ass", see a therapist instead.

  41. Sorry your little dog was killed. Why was your dog around a pit bull to start with? Everyone knows pits tend to be dog aggressive. And to all of you misinformed individuals, know that there are about 30 breeds out there that greatly resemble pits. By the media, these are all called pits. Pits are great dogs when owned by responsible owners. Any by the way, when I was 7 yrs old, I was almost killed by 2 rotts and I've never once heard anything about banning them. Did you know that german shepherds are stronger than pits? Didn't think so. Do some research instead of listening to what you hear on the news. That would probably be too much work. Stay in your box and good luck in life.

  42. Jeff - Southeast MichiganDecember 30, 2009 at 8:31 AM

    Mry209 - My Beagle was in my yard!!!! The dirty rotten Pits pushed their way through my gate and attacked my dog. My non-agressive, overweight 10 year old Beagle. He had a thyroid problem and on meds....he couldn't even fight back. He did nothing but walk up to the gate in his own yard. Didn't growl, bark, nothing.
    The Pits literally tore him apart. I wish I could post the Police Report on here to show you the description of the brutality. Its gruesome.
    Your right about Rotts and German Shepherds. All dogs with the potential to KILL need to be regulated. And, I dont believe your comment about German Shepherds bring stronger than Pits. Otherwise, more crack houses and red necks would own them. Its just not as "cool" to own a G.S.. It is all about looking cool, right?

    Your post shows the arrogance of all Pit Bull owners "Why was your dog around a pitt bull to start with"... PAAAALEEEEEEEEEEEESE? He was in my fenced in yard!!!!!!! Are all citizens suppose to barracade themselves in so people like you can own a dog? How arrogant are you? The whole world doesn't revolve around Pit Bull owners....sorry to inform you. Just because Rachael Ray has one, doesn't mean everyone should. I'm sure she spends a lot of time with her dog. NOT!! She has trainers and handlers. People that know how to train and handle these murderer's.

    I just wish people would wake up and see these animals for what they really are....KILLERS!!!!

    The 2 Pitts that attacked my dog were euthanised.....2 down....
    I took joy in hearing the Animal Controls club hit the back and heads of these dogs. It made a loud "THUMP".

  43. Jeff - Southeast MichiganDecember 30, 2009 at 8:52 AM

    Did my research on Pits vs. German Shepherds:
    Cant seem to find anywhere that says G.S.'s are stronger. hmmmmm
    I did find a lot of information saying that Pits are responsible for the most deaths to infants by dogs. hmmmmmm MAKES ME WANNA GO OUT AND BUY ONE!! MAYBE TWO!! WHY NOT, RACHEL HAS ONE.





  44. More Fun Pit-Bull FACTS: Just doing my research!!




    Pit bulls cause one-third of dog-bite related fatalities while only make up less than 2% of the dog population.

    Pit Bulls have the most notorious reputation for biting people. In 2005, it is estimated that about 82% of all the dog attacks in the country were from this breed or from Pit Bull crossbreeds.

  45. 2009 Victim:
    Cheyenne Peppers
    5-years old | Thomasville, GA
    Cheyenne Peppers, 5-years old, may have been playing on a trampoline when she was killed by her family's 3 pit bulls. Within the confines of a fence marked by a "Beware of Dog," sign, the three dogs attacked and killed the little girl. Animal control says one of the pit bulls was loose in the yard, and the other two were chained. It is believed that the loose female pit bull (reportedly pregnant) started the attack. The other two pit bulls broke free of their chains and joined in on the attack. The incident occurred at the home of her mother and stepfather. Her father, David Peppers, is now working to pass a pit bull law in Thomasville.

  46. 2009 Victim:
    Tyson Miller
    18-months old | Luling, TX
    Tyson Miller, 18-months old, was mauled to death by a pit bull that his mother, Melissa Miller, and boyfriend had agreed to "look after" for a friend. The two of them and Miller's children had been residing at a home for about two weeks -- the same amount of time they had been caring for the dog. The female pregnant pit bull had been tethered outside the mobile home to an 18-foot chain. On the morning of the fatal attack, Tyson awoke prior to Miller and her boyfriend. The toddler apparently wandered outside, where he interacted with the pit bull and was killed by it. The Caldwell County District Attorney later charged Miller with two felonies. She later pleaded no contest to criminally negligent homicide and was ordered to serve two years in jail.

  47. 2009 Victim:
    Izaiah Gregory Cox
    7-months old | San Antonio, TX
    Izaiah Gregory Cox, 7-months old, was killed by his great-grandmother's two pit bulls. 56-year old Irma Garcia had turned away to "warm a bottle" for the boy when the pit bulls broke down a baby-gate and attacked him. It was reported that Garcia grabbed a knife and fought the dogs off long enough to place Izaiah into a crib. Upon arriving, police officers shot and killed both dogs. When EMS crews reached the home, they had to climb through a side window to help the child, who later died at University Hospital. Garcia was also injured in the attack and taken to the same hospital. Neighbors said the dogs had been aggressive in the past; one had even bitten an 8-year old girl in the face. Garcia had a sign hanging from her fence that warned visitors: "Warning: Security Dog."

  48. 2009 Victim:
    Justin Clinton
    10-years old | Leverett's Chapel, TX
    Justin Clinton, 10-years old, was killed by two pit bulls after he walked to a friend's home where the dogs lived. Lt. Hilton of the Rusk County Sheriff 's Office said witnesses reported the dogs dragged the child along the side of the road, but he was not sure if the attack began on or off the owner's property. Christy and Ricky George, had been caring for the dogs since February. The dogs had formerly lived with a person in Kilgore. Prior to the attack, Justin had been acquainted with the dogs, and had visited the George's home to play with their children. Following the boy's death, his parents, Cynthia Kent, a Tyler attorney, and a group of supporters called for the banning of pit bulls. The group hopes to outlaw the ownership of pit bulls in Texas and across the nation under a law known as "Justin's Law."

  49. 2009 Victim:
    Gabrial Mandrell-Sauerhage
    3-years old | Johnson City, IL
    Gabrial Mandrell-Sauerage, 3-years old, was killed by his family's two pit bull-mixes after he reportedly "pushed out the screen" in his bedroom and "crawled out the window." The two loose dogs and possibly the family's third, a collie-mix, subsequently attacked him. His near lifeless body was found about 200 feet away the home. Williamson County officials said that Gabrial suffered at least one bite that would have made "yelling impossible," and that "numerous box fans running at the same time of the incident would have made it very hard for the adults in the house to hear anything outside." Both statements eliminated potential child neglect charges and Gabrial's death was ruled as "accidental."

  50. 2009 Victim:
    John Doe
    3-days old | Rio, WV
    John Doe, 3-days old, was snatched from his crib by the family pit bull while in the presence of his mother just hours after being brought home from the hospital. The reported 1-year old pit bull named Nila latched onto the infant's head and shook it, causing life-threatening injury. The mother told police she choked the dog, but it still wouldn't let got of her son. The mother's 17-year old daughter then came into the room and corned Nila along with a German shepherd-mix and forced both dogs out an open window. The infant died on the way to a helicopter-landing zone set up at a nearby church. Both dogs were subsequently euthanized. Nila was reportedly purchased in May from a family relative in Maryland. The case is still under investigation.

  51. 2009 Victim:
    Colton Smith
    17-months old | Delhi, CA
    Colton Smith, 17-months old, was killed by a pit bull-mix at the home of his babysitter. Authorities say the toddler wandered into the backyard while his babysitter was in another room. Upon discovering the attack, the babysitter was able to stop the attack by stabbing the 65-pound dog with a two-prong barbeque fork. She tried to drive the blood soaked toddler to the hospital, but was pulled over for driving erratically. Colton was quickly taken to a nearby hospital and airlifted to Children's Hospital in Madera where he was pronounced dead. The dog reportedly belonged to the sitter's future in-laws, Gustavo Garcia and Martha Carrera, who were in the process of moving and had left the dog at the sitter's home for about a week. News videos, however, showed a "Warning Security Dog" sign with rusted screws attached to the fence of the babysitter's home.

  52. 2009 Victim:
    Matthew Clayton Hurt
    2-years old | Prescott, AR
    Matthew Clayton "Booter" Hurt, 2-years old, was savagely killed by a pit bull after chasing a puppy (which may have been related to the pit bull) into the backyard where the male dog was chained. Neighbor Bridgette Monroe, who witnessed the aftermath of the attack, described the scene, "The babies' jugular, throat was bitten and from his mouth up to his eye was bitten." Police Chief Russell said police and emergency crews arrived within minutes and Matthew was airlifted to St. Michael's where he was pronounced dead. At the time of the attack, Matthew, his two siblings and his mother were staying with family friends, Kevin Taylor and Christy Godwin, who lived two doors down from the chained pit bull. Authorities seized two adult pit bulls from the dog owner's property. Nineteen days after the incident, in an emergency meeting, the City of Prescott adopted a pit bull ban.

  53. 2009 Victim:
    Destiny Marie Knox
    16-months old | Union County, MS
    Destiny Marie Knox, 16-months old, was mauled to death by a pit bull while under the care of her babysitter, marking the second U.S. pit bull fatality involving a babysitter in less than two weeks. At the time of the incident, the babysitter Tonya Graham and Destiny were at Graham's boyfriend's residence, the home of Jerry Westmoreland and the owner of five pit bulls. According to news reports, family members were "bringing groceries into the home" when the attack occurred. The normally chained pit bull, named Foolish, slipped its collar and followed family members into the home. Upon seeing the toddler, the pit bull immediately attacked and killed the child. Arriving officers shot and killed the dangerous pit bull. Westmoreland, who has a "pit bull memorial" painted on his vehicle, surprisingly surrendered all of his pit bulls to the Oxford Humane Society after the incident.

  54. Video of pit that looks like Isaboo: Sooooo cute!!!


  55. Just because you name a pit-bull something cute like Honey, Marshmellow, Isaboo, Sketch, Daisy, etc.... Doesn't mean they recognize what it means.

    Their not so cute when they grab onto your neck and shake the life out of you.

    These dogs need to be banned from the earth.


    I grew up with golden retreivers and since I have been old enough to own my own dog have opted to rescue pitbulls.

    Yes some pitbulls are very bad, but go to the Humane Society Website and you will find out why. They are trained and bred that way.

    In all actuallity, pit bulls are wonderfully loyal companions, who in other countries are known for being NANNY DOGS. Remember "Petey" from the little rascals? The dog that hung out with the kids....THAT WAS A PIT BULL. A regular pit bull that has not been bred for fighting would never go after a kid.

    ALSO it is important to note that loads of other breeds bite much more often than pit bulls. Its a FACT. Look it up.

    Now I am not ignorant to the dangers of this breed of fighting pit bulls, but we need to go after the source, THE OWNER. That way people and dogs are safe.

    I wouldn't let my pit bull near a dog aggressive pit bull anyday of the week. They scare her and me, but this doesn't mean that there aren't plenty of GOOD pit bulls out there.

    Consider this, what if we banned white people, or blacks, or asians, simply because a few of them attacked people we knew.

    Sounds ridiculous right? Stereo-typing a breed of dog is no different. WE HAVE TO LOOK AT DOGS INDIVIDUALLY NOT AS A BREED WHEN DECIDING WHO SHOULD STAY AND WHO SHOULD GO.

    Pitbulls are loving, loyal, and very playful. Mine runs the fastest at the park, swims the farthest and jumps the highest. Other people stop to watch her. She is amazing. If you met her and knew nothing about breeds, who would want to clone her and take her home as your own.


  57. Finally a post with some sense. The above one I mean.

  58. PIT BULL OWNERS: Read the statistics. Their dangerous!!!!! Take the blinders off and come back to reality.

    Why do the rest of us have to live in fear wondering if the owner of the neighborhood Pit Bull is responsible? Having to keep our kids off the sidewalks. Constantly looking over our shoulder. Basically, living in fear. ITS NOT FAIR!!!

    The extreme minority of Pit owners are responsible. The vast majority dont have a clue. Thats where the problem is.

    You all have to admit that when celebrities promote ownership of these dogs it is irresponsible. People are getting the wrong impression of what it takes to train these dogs properly. Then the rest of us have to suffer.

    STOP THE IGNORANCE AND GET A CLUE. Even the non-abused pits are a danger to people and small pets. God forbid a child make a wrong move and piss them off. Then the owner blames the child or parent. ITS ALWAYS NOT THE DOGS FAULT WITH YOU PEOPLE. ITS SO FRUSTRATING!!!! THE ARROGANCE!!!

    Owning a Pit is like playing russian roulette with a gun. Eventually, its going to go off and somebody is getting hurt. I just hope its not one of my children or grand children.

    "ALSO it is important to note that loads of other breeds bite much more often than pit bulls. Its a FACT. Look it up."




  60. Jeff,
    I am sorry that you lost your dog. I can't imagine the horror you witnessed. I don't expect that you will ever overcome the hatred you feel towards pitbulls.

    We have a rescued pitbull. Please do not label all of us as ghetto, rednecks, or whatever. Unfortunately, the shelters are full of pitbulls and people from all walks of life now have pitbulls.

    Our family understands the bad reputation that our dog carries. Our is expectated to have the best manners at all times. Not everyone should have a dog. Period. If they are not properly cared for, they will "lose it" mentally. The dogs that killed your beagle were neglected, and the blame should be placed on their owners.

    There should be laws controlling the breeding of pitbulls, not the ownership of them. People that refuse to spay and neuter these dogs are the real criminals. Forcing all pitbull owners to spay/neuter their dogs is a law I would back. Breeders would be recquired to carry a special license. Just my two cents.

  61. Oh some of you pit haters crack me up! I especially like the post about the people that own pitties saying that they are all drug dealers and red necks! I mean really? I am a well educated RN, and love my pittie girl. But it looks like according to the "stats" I'll have to make a career change!! Oh dear my vicious man-eating, dog killing beast is sleeping peacfully and snuggling with her brother the black lab!! Yes a dangerous dog indeed.


    I'm sure all those stories of the children getting mauled crack you up too. Job security. Cha-Ching!!!

    I'm glad you see the humor in other people's grief and agony.


  63. A heart warming pit-bull story from 2/9/10:

  64. Another heart warming story from 2/7/10:


  65. Another heart warming "pittie" story from 2/5/10, gosh their so cute and cuddly!!!:


  66. Yes, you guessed it, another example of how adorable these dogs are. Just makes me giddy to know Redneck RN has a stable career. This one is especially cute because the cuddly pit bull mauled and killed a 3 year old. Golly Geee, dont you just want to hug 'em? Just precious.


  67. Redneck RN; This one will make your head explode. The cute, cuddly, adorable, precious "pittie" gave you a 2 for 1: A pregnant mother. On top of that, she had to be airlifted because of her injuries. HOLY COW!! CHAAAAA CHIIIIIIING!!!!!!!

    I think I need a career change. Being an RN is where the job security is.


  68. Here comes Santa Clause, here comes Santa Clause.....

    REDNECK RN: Sorry, this lady was killed on Christmas Day.....straight to the coroner. Maybe next time:




    This is the icing on the cake folks. Keep advocating ownership of these killers. I see this as my boy Jack, killed by a Pitt, taking care of business from above.

    "Rachael and John are considering using a muzzle on the dog and getting additional training for their pit bull. “While she loves the dog, she can’t help worrying about what would happen if Isaboo attacked a person,” said the source."

  70. Some people just kill me. We are a family. We have 3 kids, a pit bull Bella, and a chihuahua Buckeye. It is all about how you train and raise the dog...any breed of dog. I take both of my dogs everywhere. People are shocked when they see a pit bull playing with a chihuahua. However what really shocks them is that they can come up and play with them too and neither dog attacks. Chihuahua's are just as 'mean'. My father in laws chihuahua has actually attacked my pit bull...and Bella did nothing to her. She comes and runs to me or my husband for protection. Our chihuahua Buckeye is actually the dominate dog in our house...not our pit bull. I hate it when people say this breed should be banned everywhere. Its the people who should be banned. I would never say that my dogs would never hurt you because no one ever knows for sure that they won't. ANY dog could attack you. My sister had a jack-russal who attacked me and kept me in a corner for over 5 mins. It's not the dog...it's the person. If you can't train the dog right or don't have the time for the dog, you shouldn't have it. Pit bulls need a lot of exercise. A lot of bigger dogs do...it don't matter the breed, if you don't exercise your dogs they will be rowdy! Every dog is different no matter the breed.

  71. Top Five Pit Bull Advocacy moments of all time:

    1. Rachel Ray's Isaboo is revealed to be a five time pet shredder. Five attacks?!? Felony Animal Cruelty charges please!

    2. Anna Klafter's SPCA trained therapy Pit Attacks a police horse in Golden Gate Park.

    3. Chummy the Denver Service Pit is given a humanitarian excemption from the Pit Bull ban and goes on to maul his owner.

    4, Indy Pit Crew successfully defeats Pit Bull regulations in Indianapolis...The following year Pit Bull attacks increase 33 percent.

    % Oft cited Theodore Roosevelt's Pit Bull is reality the only dog ever banished from the Whitehouse after attacking guests on two different occasions.

    You can't make this stuff up!

  72. Chad & Heather -
    First, its great you are willing to sacrifice the lives of your children for a stupid dog. Thats very irresponsible. Why dont you understand that Pits can just go off at any time. You dont know what is in their brain. Look at all the attacks all over the place. From responsible dog owners.

    Rachael Ray had the best trainers money can buy and still cant control the dog.

    You just another arrogant dog owner who will be sorry, eventually.

    Personally, my children mean more to me than any dog ever would. Its just not worth the risk.

    No different than leaving a cocked & loaded pistol in the playpen.

  73. Chad & Heather - So what your saying is to ban Rachael Ray? If so, I'm in.

    Difference between any dog & a Pit is that a Pit attacks to kill and initiates the attacks Most dogs bite in defense in fear of being harmed. Pit bulls just like to harm other dogs an people. Most times there is no reason other than their bred in killing instinct.

    Get a clue!!!

  74. Chad and Heather kidsFebruary 15, 2010 at 10:25 AM

    You people seriously have no clue what you are talking about. You need to read up on your facts about the truth on behaviors of animals... It's ignorant people like you saying ignorant things that you know nothing about. I am a animal lover who has owned many different types of breeds . All animals pushed will attack, all animals will protect. Taking care of animals is no different then taking care of kids. You have to raise them right and teach them right from wrong..... to say one is worse than the other is ignorant. If you ignorant people were right then I guess it should be banned to have kids, and segregation should be put in place again. What you people are saying is no different then any other racial comment I have heard before..... Now who is ignorant.... Get your facts, before you act!

    I never said ban Rachael Ray. I think she is great. However if she can't control her dog then maybe she shouldn't have it was all I meant by that!

    We used to have a pit bull that would bark and act like it would kill you but the second you start to pet him, he would lick you to death. I used to hit him in the face with sticks and anything i could get a hold of. He never did nothing to me. Your just ignorant towards dogs because you like cats. Thank you for taking the time to read this.

    Our pit bull is lovable and playful. She likes to play with her rope that we bought her. And our chihuahua likes to play with it too. Good-Bye.

    Shut up and stop being mean to my pit bull.

  75. I love how the people who post "get a clue" are the very ones that are perpetuating unsubstantiated fear in which they reference media stories. How about getting a clue and speaking to the real experts. Any veterinarian will tell you that pit bulls are a maligned breed and that they make excellent family pets.

    How about not being so f*ing deaf, dumb and blind to the fact that news media do not report on dog biting incidents of any other breed except pit bulls. Yes, reporters scanning news on police pba's are notorius for not responding to any incidents that involve any other dogs because it's not as sensational a news story as reading "Pit Bull Mauls xyz."

    Don't take my word for it. I'm biased. How about talking to the experts who head up the American Temperment Testing Association who will tell you that Pit Bulls have stellar temperaments and pass with flying colors. They're not the walking time bombs they've been made out to be.

    The very same loyalty, obedience and affection they show to humans is precisely what makes bad humans exploit them to do bad things.

    You guys are ignorant morons who choose to stay in the dark. Pit Bulls have been around making families happy for a very long time. Only within the last 10-15 though have they gotten so much more negative attention because for the last 10-15 years is when they've become so popular with criminals. I assure you, kill all the pit bulls walking the face of the planet and surely they will find another breed to make weapons out of.

    Educate yourselves! A dog that is dog aggressive does not mean he is human aggressive. Historically, dogs that were used to fight other dogs were euthanized the moment they showed any aggression toward the referee. Human aggression in essence was breed out of them.

    I'm just wasting my breath because most of you just prefer to live in the dark, be fearful, and pass along misinformation to make others fearful. What a boring sorry-ass, pathetic exsistence.


    we also have stray dogs running loose in our neighborhood, from boxers to dobermans to weimareinars.my best friend is a pitbull mix that i call Chloe,shes calm,good with my chihuahua and cat,and is very sweet.my friends say that my friendship with this dog will cost me my life,the truth is their idiots.

    on the news you see how "pitbulls" attack children,other dogs. but how many of those dogs are true AMERICAN PITBULL TERRIERS ? the truth is not many are...AMERICAN BULLDOGS,STAFFORDSHIRES,CANE CORSO'S....they are just a few breeds that make up "pitbull" attacks

    one time i was walking my lab and a little girl ask me "is that a pitbull?"....i answer "yea,you want to pet her?",then she says "no,mommy and daddy say pitbulls are bad puppies"...i was very dissapionted by the parents of this child

    and for the pitbulls that do attack people,its our fault...they were bred as gaurd dogs,and fighters



  77. Blake, Alexys & Austin - Good Luck!!!
    When your in the ambulance and mommy & daddy are apologizing for your pit inflicted injuries, tell them to GET A CLUE!!! If you still have your lips.

  78. To the poster that said "i myself do not own a pit but my cousin does"....Why not? Afraid? If your cousin has one, I think this qualifies you to be an expert on the breed.

    Also, if you have a Lab that bites you multiple times and all of the dogs you own have aggression issues, I'm thinking its probably you and not the dogs. Sorry.

    Please dont get a Pit Bull. And, Please dont give out advice on dogs.

  79. Chad & Heather - Go back into your double-wide and be quiet.

  80. According to the American Temperment Testing Association. Only 85% of American Pitbull Terriers pass their temperment tests. Thats really not that good.

    Who's willing to take a chance they own one of the 15%?

    As long as were talking statistics, go to the CDC website and look at their findings: http://www.cdc.gov/HomeandRecreationalSafety/images/dogbreeds-a.pdf

    Per the CDC: "Despite these limitations and concerns, the data indicate that Rottweilers and pit bull-type dogs accounted for 67% of human DBRF in the United Statesbetween 1997 and 1998. It is extremely unlikely that they accounted for anywhere near 60% of dogs in the United States during that same period and, thus, there appears to be a breed-specific problem with fatalities."

    1997 & 1998 is before the one intelligent poster stated that there was a problem.
    "Only within the last 10-15 though have they gotten so much more negative attention because for the last 10-15 years is when they've become so popular with criminals."

    Why do pit owners have to call people names, lie and be deceitful to justify their ignorance?

  81. To the poster that said: "Any veterinarian will tell you that pit bulls are a maligned breed and that they make excellent family pets."

    The emergency vet that treated/put to sleep my dog from a pit attack said the opposite. And, my regular vet, who's been a vet for over 40 years said the opposite. The animal control officer that responded to my dog being attacked said the opposite. A good friend who is a vet assistant said the opposite. The Kennel owners where I took my dog before he was murdered said the opposite.

    Quit lying to make your points. The Media is not out to get Pit Bulls, they are only reporting the facts on the attacks.

    Your name calling is a reflection of your intelligence. Your intelligence is a reflection of Pit Bull owners as a whole. You, and people like you should not be allowed to own a Pit Bull.

  82. More 2010 Pit Bull attacks:

    Jogger attacked in gated community:

    3 year old dead:

    5 year old dead:

    7 year old loses leg:


  83. When the ban hit our area sympathetic vets would list the dog as a "boxer mix" so bans do not work like those that initiate them think they do. Other areas with dog attack issues specific to a handful of breeds put into law that those breeds had to be spayed/neutered and that they must be muzzled when out in public. How many attacks by any high prey drive dog would be removed from the stats if these dogs were required to be muzzled when out in public. If you trust them around your family fine but you cannot predict the behavior of the public and how your pet reacts to it. Even Ray's dog has been in the media for attacks on other pets--none of which would be an issue or news if isaboo was muzzled when on her walks.
    For those citing the small breed dogs with biting behavior I think being nailed by a maltese is a far cry from a pit or rottie.
    No bashing here, just suggesting if you are trying to rehab the pit persona muzzle them while out in public and push for anyone not doing the same to have thier dogs removed. After a year of of self policing w/in the breed the other dog attacks will retake the headlines. If you have a dog capable of killing a person no matter how great he is at home you have a responsibility to keep him and others safe.

  84. 38 year old Christine Staab killed over the weekend becoming the 86th American killed by a Pit Bull since January 2005.

    The advocacy in lieu of breed stewardship approach by the Pit Bull community is not working.


  85. another one in Philly. 10 year old boy playing in a playground may have his arm amputated. Attacked by 2 Pitbulls.


  86. I'm from Philadelphia and I am totally for banning pit bulls. Don't get me wrong, I am not against pit bulls. I do not think they are some evil breed out to kill everyone and I don’t think they need to be banned because they are “unpredictable” and vicious. I am however completely against the idiots out there who get them to be attack dogs or fighting dogs. Shelters are completely packed with these dogs and it's not right. I don't blame people for not wanting to adopt them either. You don't know where they have been or what they have been exposed to. So many of these dogs get put down because of behavioral issues and a lack of space. Banning pit bulls is not to hurt them, it’s to help them. Think of how many less dogs would die if they weren't crowding our shelters.

  87. Pit bulls aren't for every home environment or every owner, for sure. Our girl gets at least 10 miles of tough mountain hikes per week and lots of socialization with her smaller-breed sisters. She's comfortable with her place in the pack and a joy to be around.

    We will adopt another pit bull in the future and treat her with love and discipline. We will be responsible owners, just as we are now.

    If our area were to ban a breed of dog we would move. We would not want to contribute our tax dollars to an area that would do such a thing.

    To address the idea that small dogs cannot inflict real damage, that is simply untrue. Do an online search for children who have lost multiple fingers to bites from small dogs.

    And though I do not know Rachael Ray or how she treats her dog, I will say I believe she is not being a responsible owner. If your dog has bitten once, you have a responsibility to find the cause and cure it. Five times? Unacceptable. The dog is in an unstable environment or experiencing stress in the pack/home and acting it out. All dogs, regardless of breed, will do this.

  88. Kyra- Lubbock, TXApril 2, 2010 at 5:48 PM

    Look I understand where alot of you are comign from when you say you dont like pitbulls. I for on ecant stand small dogs. But before you tell everyone what awful dogs they are go look at this site
    and play find the pitbull, you maybe suprised at what you find out. There are so many dogs that you think look like a pitbull but they arent. And 90% of the pitbulls that attack are the off spring off a mother pitbull and her son, or a father pitbull and a daughter. That is how you get these huge, short, beefy dogs. And that is coming from a professional breeder. If you know who you are getting these dogs from and their parents history of violence and their temperment then you are more likely to have a well behaved and non-violent pitbull. You know when I was a kid I got attack by a nice family dog, a golden retriver, I still have a scar under my eye from the attack. My best friend was attacked by a Jack Russell and he took a chunk out of her face. My sisters best friend was attacked by our Chow. SO really no dog is safe. But as for me I dont put my pitbull in positons where she could attack or be attacked. When we walk we go walk in the field behind my house away from other dog, she is never never ever outside with out being on a leash, and when she is in the back yard my dad or myself are there with her. But she has been around my niece since the day she was born and she has endured being poked in the eye, being rode like a horse, and have many yanks on her ears lol. Although I love my pitbull and feel very passionate about the breed I do not leave my pitbull alone with children for any reason. That is what people mean by being a responsable pitbull owner. I know she would never hurt a fly but to make absolute sure of that I keep my eye on her 24/7. Yeah sure it gets to be a pain sometimes to always have a close eye on her but this is why my dog or any of my pits havent ended up on the news. I support all responsable pitbull owners out there!! Remember punish the DEED, not the BREED!

  89. any dog can bite when provoked however only pit bulls when they attack they attack to kill and sometimes do

  90. I just have a question for everyone. . .We just got a 6 month old blue nose pit. Absolutely beautiful and so so well mannered. My husband and I are having a hard time dealing with what everyone says about pits. How do you deal with that? And also what have you done when home owners dont cover pit bulls?

  91. Oh boy...I was actually looking for something online and happened upon this page. As for the new pitbull owner...it's never easy. You have to grow a thick skin for sure and arm yourself with facts! Check out http://www.pitbull-chat.com/...it's an excellent forum for owners and enthusiasts. Being a first time owner you'll want to learn as much as you can. You can PM me on there as well if you wish (pittychick).

    As far as the other posts. It is a fact that the news will post what makes them money. I would like to know how many would tune into a "chihuahua attack"? Your first thoughts would probably be "ugh somebody got nipped by a chihuahua big deal" correct? At least most would. Well small dogs CAN seriously harm children. There are records of Pomeranians and Jack Russells killing children. No, small dogs aren't as likely to kill as a larger dog due to sheer size. However, There are many incidences of little dogs causing serious harm to even adults. My old job allowed you to bring your dogs to work. One woman had a miniature poodle that lunged off of her desk onto a co-worker that was speaking with her biting onto his eye and dangling. Needless to say the man is now blind in that eye and required MANY stitches.

    There are also incidences of many other large breeds attacking. Labs have killed children, as have huskeys, chows, etc, etc. MOST terrier or hunting breeds would happily kill small animals including cats and small dogs if given the chance especially if not socialized. Did you know that the woman that got the first face transplant was because her lab attacked, tearing her face off while she was sleeping? However, I don't like to point fingers at breeds. The dog bite issue changes with the times. A good book was written about this called The Pitbull Placebo: The Media, Myths, and Politics of Canine Aggression. There's a free ebook here: http://nationalcanineresearchcouncil.com/wp-content/uploads/2008/10/pit-bull-placebo-text1.pdf. It talks about the "bad breeds" of the times starting back in the late 1800's through today. Did you know that at one point Bloodhounds and Newfoundlands were the pitbulls of today? Big scary newfies right?


  92. Since the pitbulls are now being sensationalized as the "bad azz dogs" those irresponsible people are breeding them, not training them, or training them as weapons. Many people get these dogs (as well as other breeds) not knowing the upkeep that is needed for high energy dogs. These are WORKING animals, not couch potatoes! I will say that I do not agree that every pitbull that bites was neglected/abused/fought. However what I do believe is these dogs were not cared for the way the NEED to be. If I'm sick or we have bad weather for several days my dogs start to get antsy because they don't get their usual amount of exercise. They do NOT become aggressive, but start to do naughty things like chew, etc as a way to release the frustration. I think most of these dogs are simply frustrated and are not allowed a positive outlet. If you add into the mix a situation that is aggravating to the canine instincts after so much time of not having a proper outlet they may react the only way the know how. They are dogs, and too often people try to humanize them. These are amazing dogs with people that KNOW what they're doing. I've worked with many pitbull rescues and the main 2 reasons pitbulls are turned over is because #1 insurance/renting issues and #2 people weren't aware of how hyper they are. This goes back to idiotic breeders who just pass out any old person a pup.

    The main solution in my mind would be for there to be a restriction on breeding ALL DOGS. Only those serious breeders who have the dogs' interest in mind should be allowed to breed. Those who show their dogs in conformation AND test them in some form of sport. If you're going to breed beagles you need to show them in conformation and hunting trials. Only dogs that champ out in both should be allowed to breed. Breeders should have to be inspected, and hold a license. This will prevent every idiot from breeding less than quality dogs, this will get rid of puppy mills and petshop pups, this will help clear out our shelters to a manageable level, and those owners who get dogs will be educated in the breed and will understand if they're a right fit. If they're not they simply won't be able to get the breed they choose. All pups should be altered before leaving the breeder unless going to a certified show/breeder home. I also think people should be required to know dog body language/communication/behavior before owning a dog. To many people don't know the last thing about body language. Nope, just because he wags his tail doesn't mean he's happy.


  93. any posts refer to the CDC as a reference. Are you aware that the CDC relies on witness accounts? As was mentioned before check out the find a pitbull game (http://www.pitbullsontheweb.com/petbull/findpit.html) to see just how hard it is to really know what breed a dog is. Now imagine in the heat of the moment when you see the block headed dog running from the scene after it bit. Or how about the infinite amount of mixes out there that LOOK pitbull but aren't?

    Look here where DNA proves the dogs aren't pitbulls:

    BSL doesn't work as Italy and Holland learned:

    Somebody had made a joke about how only 85% of pitbulls passed the ATTS. Please take a look at the site at http://atts.org/. The American Pitbull Terrier...85.3% passed. The American Staffordshire Terrier...83.9% passed. Staffordshire Bull Terrier...88% passed. These are the common breeds referred to as "pitbulls". So by adding those three figures and dividing by three we would get the average "pitbull" temperament no? This would be 85.7% of the pitbull breeds passed.

    Lets look at this in comparison to the top 10 breeds of 2009 according to AKC. As I did with pitbull types I averaged the breeds with multiple sizes/coat types:
    Golden Retriever...84.6% passed Labradors....92% passed
    German Shepherd...83.7% passed
    Yorkie...82.1% passed
    Beagle...81% passed
    Boxer...83.6% passed
    Bulldog....70.2% passed
    Dachshunds (all types averaged)...78.7% passed
    Shih Tzu...77.5% passed
    Poodles (all type averaged)...81.6% passed

    Hmm...so are the other percentage of these top 10 breeds in America going to attack somebody. Interesting that there's only one breed that scored higher then pitbull types. Even individually all three scored higher than all of the other breeds except the labrador, and the golden retriever scored 0.7% higher than the American Staffordshire Terrier. Better watch out for the other 15.4% of goldens...they may eat you.

    Oh, and above poster asking about house insurance. There ARE companies that will cover pitbulls. Also, if you rent it is possible to get a renter's insurance so you may keep your dog by carrying insurance. It will usually (in my experience) make the landlord ok with renting unless they're prejudice.

  94. How many poodles, Shih Tzu's, Yorkie's Beagles, etc... have killed or mamed children?

    Pull you head out of your arse. I witnessed a brutal mauling by 2 Pit Bulls. Yes Pit Bulls, owner said they were Pit Bulls. Totally unprovoked. Almost looked like a premeditated murder they way they gang up and attack.

    Throw out all the statistics you want, their dangerous....period. They have the ability to KILL. Not nip or scratch....KILL. Until you witness it, you wont understand it.

    Love 'em if you want to. Just keep them away from innocent children and pets.

  95. I'm sorry you witnessed a mauling. I never said they weren't pitbulls (but honestly most owners don't even know what kind of dogs they have...I find myself correcting people on what breed they own a lot). And YES small dogs HAVE killed children. And EVERY dog has the potential to kill SOMEBODY or a PET.

    The problem with banning pitbulls (besides for the fact that most people can't tell a real pitbull from other breeds...and that so many mixes resemble pitbulls that aren't even remotely related as shown in my above links) is that the people who have these dogs that do end up attacking due to bad or no training, no outlet, bad breeding, etc are just going to move onto another type of dog. The amount of attacks in places where there is BSL have NOT gone down. The criminals move onto other dogs....the moron dog owners who want to look tough move onto other dogs. The only way you will EVER stop dog attacks (oh by the way...you are more likely to die from a coconut then a dog we should ban those too...oh and red cars while we're at it...and don't forget cigarettes) is by joining up with PETA and banning the ownership of ANY pet. Let's just kill all of the dogs while we're at it. Or maybe everybody must own a dog that fits in your purse and is good for nothing other than showing off it's pretty new outfit.

  96. URGENT....PLEASE HELP BELLA - she is a 9 month old pitbull puppy wrongly accused of attacking of Vanessa Carlton (2002 pop singer).


  97. I agree that it's all the owners fault to create a dog with a human aggressive and a dog aggressive temperament.It's all socialization and boundaries at a very young age that they need, and pairing it with the dog's natural instincts involving hormones, dominance, and territory that influence the dog's behavior. Haven't you ever noticed doggie etiquette at a dog park? All the dogs who are getting along, come and sniff the new dog, to accept him. The ones with dominance issues will initiate the fight. Careful upbringing needs to be done in order for the dominant breeds to mingle successfully with people, and hopefully dogs. I would definitely support any law/license/restriction that would limit people to breed, and own dogs of these sorts. It will control what could be a fatal or extremely dangerous animal unknowingly to an ignorant owner. FYI- I have owned 2 labs, a rottweiler, 2 pit bulls, and currently a Cane Corso. All but one are males, were/are gentle well mannered dogs who knew their boundaries. I would NEVER let them near children unattended though...that is SOOO IRRESPONSIBLE to the utmost extent. I have my undergrad, and a tech degree, and certainly don't live in a double wide. I do agree that people are also creating stereotypes about themselves when they acquire dogs to make them look tough, respected or cool. If that's the case, a dog will not help you, you are only hurting a perfectly innocent instinct driven animal...who you aren't in control of.

  98. And on top of my comment, I HAVE had a pit bull attack my Cane Corso puppy when he was 4 months old, completely unprovoked, as we were entering the dog park. It was brutal, scary, and i actually got bit on my finger by this dog. My opinions on these dogs hasn't changed much..but something needs to be done to regulate who gets them. The guy who owned it had like 3 huge gold chains on his neck, and looked like serious trash.

  99. To the person saying small dogs kill children. Post a link to the stories. I can post 1000 on pit bull attacks. I highly question the fact you correct people on what kind of dogs they own. Give me a break.
    "I find myself correcting people on what breed they own a lot"

    If this is true that you have to correct people on their own dogs breed....god help us all.

    Stop the world, I wanna get off!!!!

    P.S. Ban all Pit Bulls

  100. http://www.freep.com/article/20100602/NEWS04/100602046/1322/4-pitbulls-attack-bicyclist-in-Sterling-Heights

    Another attack by Pit Bulls. Luckily, the guy survived. Sterling Heights, MI is not a ghetto, trailer park area or hicksville. Its an upper middle class area.

    Nobody should have the right to own animals that attack for no reason. You can put Pit Bulls in the same category as Tigers and Chimps. Their viscious and unpredictable. And their not even a cute dog. Their ugly.

  101. http://dailytribune.com/articles/2010/06/08/news/doc4c0d2ca7cf22c352497454.txt

    Another unprovoked Pit Bull attack on an 11 year old girl in Michigan. This one broke out of its yard to attack the girl walking down the street.

    Unbelieveable how these animals choose to hunt and mame/kill children. I dont believe owners of Pits train them to hunt down Children, its just in their blood.

  102. http://www.myfoxdetroit.com/dpp/news/local/pit-bulls-attack-sterling-heights-woman-20100614-ms

    Another unprovoked Pit attack in S.E. Michigan. Dog came after Police Officer who had to shoot it.

    The attack comes at a time discussions are underway in Sterling Heights to severely restrict if not outright ban pit bulls in the city.

  103. 2 YEAR OLD DEAD:


  104. Justice for Bella? Maria McKenna is a liar. I hope Ms. Carlton sues the pants off of her and everyone else who LIED about her attack. Here is the truth about Bella and her low life owners.


    Read the court transcript. The dog was NOT exonerated. The so-called "expert" veterinarian's testimony was thrown out as lacking credibility.

    Slander and libel. Hope your pockets are deep, Ms. McKenna. You've opened yourself for a lawsuit for both.

  105. Pit bull jumps through window to attack woman walking down sidewalk.


    Just another example of why these dogs need strict laws regarding ownership.

  106. we have two pits and they would need to be protected more than anything. They would walk up to a burgler and kiss him to death. The breed do not make the dog they have personalities as do we. So what's next we ban poodles for having bad hair days. No animal deserves to die especially cause of its breed.

  107. Here's another story of more attacks:

    It's hilarious when people like the above post ASSUMES how their dogs will act in a given situation. THEIR ANIMALS!!! YOU DONT KNOW!!! YOU DONT SPEAK THEIR LANGUAGE!!!! PIT BULLS ARE A TICKING TIME BOMB!!!

    Its just great you Pit owners like playing Russian Roulette with other peoples lives. Why not just load up a gun and start shooting it through the neighborhood?

  108. Another story of Pit attacks. Luckily, No one killed this time. Just a lot of stitches:


  109. Police officer attacked by Pit Bull. Pit got what he deserved....a bullet to the head.


  110. I must say to the last two of these i read I myself was scares of pitts and thought the same way but about 6 months ago my boyfriend got a pitt i was scared to death and told him if it even barked at one of the kids it was gone. Well needless to say we still have her her name is belle and she is great with all 5 of the kids she protects my youngest two. my 2 year old even bit her tail she done nothing but look at him and when i tapped his butt she looked at me like i done something wrong, So far no problems with her so i do believe it is how they are raise. And a few days age here in indiana a rott attacked a little girl so what do you think of that does that mean rotts are bad dogs too??

  111. Good luck Tiffany. Just prepare yourself for the guilt when Belle mauls one of the kids. Their a ticking time bomb. I watched a brutal attack on my boy Jack last November. Ownwer swore up and down they were the most loveable animals ever. Never a hint they would attach. When they do, its game over.

    It bugs the hell out of me when people put animals before their children and seem to love the dog more. I dont get it. Its not worth the risk.

  112. There are no bad dogs, only bad owners. My 2 granddaughters are in tears tonight because they had to turn over thier precious pet to the City of Independence Missouri, simply because he is a pit bull, and thier single mother did not have the money to register him again this year when it was due. This dog has never shown any signs of agression toward people or other animals. He cuddles with the guinea pigs! The kids have friends in and out all the time and he has never growled, snarled, or bitten ANYONE! It breaks my heart!

  113. Another Pit Bull attack story. This time a defenseless 85 year old man in a wheel chair.

    Pits done care who they maul. Young, old, handicapped, dont matter...it's all in fun!!!

  114. If I see one more post that says "no bad dogs, only bad owners" I'm gonna SCREAM!!!
    Who the hell made you people so freakin' smart you know everything these dogs think? Look everyone!! its Jesus Christ!!! They can read dogs minds and predict the future!!!

    Bad owners sometimes dont know their bad owners. Stupid people dont know their stupid!!!....stupid.

  115. Loraine OHIO. Pits turn on owner. I'm bettin' this lady has posted on here saying how wonderful her pitties are. At least it was the owner and not a baby this time.


  116. Pit Bull kills 10 day old baby. Here's the story:

    Keep up the good work Pit Bull advocates. We need to keep the human population under control. Let the dogs do it.

  117. Karin in PennsylvaniaMarch 13, 2011 at 12:25 PM

    Let's get humane education in our public schools! To all of the people who feed into the media mess. I urge you to read "The Pitbull Placebo" It also needs to be said that after World War 2 there was another breed that was almost done away with, It was the German Shepherd. People called them Nazi dogs and said they were evil. Breed bans were put into effect from ignorance and fear. There was "ONE" dog that changed the United States view of these so called evil canines. His name was: "RIN TIN TIN" Imagine if people had not embraced this heroic dog? We would not have ANY German Shepherds. They would have been exterminated.

  118. Karin in PA - Your full of crap.

    If a TV show saved the "nazi dogs", why didn't Little Rascals save the reputation of Pit Bulls?

    Why do law enforcement agencies not use Pit Bulls?

    RIN-TIN-TIN saving German Shepherds from extinction? Honest to GOD!!! Really?

  119. Public Schools cant even teach math, reading, and writing. When are they going to have time for a "pit bull tolerance class"?

    Today's lesson kids: Learning how to dial 911 blind when a Pit eats your face off. We need a volunteer...anybody? anybody? Bueller?

  120. Ok lets get a few things straight. there is no such thing a "pit bull" that is a generic term that someone came up with to decribe several known breeds of dogs that have similar charcteristics (ie American staffordshire terriers, American bull terriers and, Old English bull terriers,ect) everyone is intitaled to thier opinion on the subject if you don't like or trust " pit bulls" don't own one. I personally have owned two in my life time my first was when i was a young girl, we had our Am Staff for 17 years before we put her to sleep because of cancer. Never did she show any signs of aggression. Our second is a 2 year old resuced Am Staff he has been a wonderful addition to our family. " pit bulls" are not for everyone. but if you do any research on agressive dogs you will find that German shepards, rotwillers, chows and several other dogs have shown signs of agression. if people are going to start banning dogs just because of thier breeding soon there will be no dogs at all. cute little ankle bitters are agressive to. the only diffrence is the size of their mouth. To person that said pit bulls were breed for agression, no they weren't a hundred years ago they were one of the most popular breeds in the united states, Hellen Keller owned one,there was a "pit bull that fought during WWI and saved many men's lives they were considered and still are considered family pets. the biggest factor in owning a "pit bull" is knowledge. there are some basic rules to owning a " pit bull"
    1. don't chain them for more then 30 minutes, chained dogs tend to be more agressive.
    2. Never take your pit bull off leash to a dog park. Most pit bulls will not start the fight but they will definatly finish the fight.
    3. socialize your dog young.
    4. get your dog fixed. fixed dogs tend to be less agressive then intact dogs
    5. never leave your dog unspervised in the yard alone.
    6. Do your research know as much as you can about your breed of dog.
    This arguement is never going to go away. even if the idiots in charge are successfull with banning "pit bulls" who do you think they are going to go after next????
    Any dog can be agressive given the opportuinty they are animals. but not all "pit bulls" are bad dogs it's seems a shame to punish every dog that fits a description just because of a few dogs.
    I feel sorry for anyone that has had a bad experiance with a "pit bull" but just because you have had a bad experiance doesn't mean you should take my beloved family pet from me or my children.

  121. To the Book writer dated 3/27:

    1. Comparing "ankle biters" to a "Pit" is ridiculous. A Maltese cant kill an adult. Pits can, happens frequently.

    2. If you have to have 6 rules to owning a dog to protect the lives of people and animals its not worth most peoples effort. Very few people who own a pit would follow your rules.

    3. Banning is not the answer. Regulations, training and licenses should be required to own historically agressive animals. If somebody had to take the time to go to classes and pay for a permit to own a Rott, Pit or German Shepherd they wouldn't do it. Only responsible people who truly love the breed would make the effort.

    4. You said " biggest factor in owning a "pit bull" is knowledge". There's TOO MANY STUPID PEOPLE IN THIS WORLD!!! THATS THE POINT!!!! YOU CANT CONTROL WHO OWNS THEM!!!!

    It's great your a responsible owner. But problem is, your 1 in 100,000,000.

    I'm near Detroit. Every crack house has one or more "pits" protecting their assets. They dont have Maltese's, poodles, beagles or Shitzu's.

    I seen an attack by 2 "pits". It's like watching lions attack a goat. No mercy.....it's kill kill kill!!!!

  122. Story from New Mexico of 48 yr old woman mauled & killed by 4 "pits". What makes them do this? What do so many people defend their actions? Why isn't there more control of who owns these murderer's?


  123. A significant issue which no one really seems to be addressing at this point is how many people, statisticians included, are actually able to properly identify a pitbull?

    The problem with a large number of statistics regarding alleged pitbull attacks, is that many dogs which are in fact not pitbulls are often identified as such by either victims and/or authority figures.

    I am not condemning or trying to vilify those who have suffered dog attacks. It is just that in a number of areas, my own Ontario included, pit bulls are often blamed for the attacks by other dogs. Incorrect identification of a pitbull by someone who does not know the breed has caused a huge upsurge in attack statistics. People who are attacked have at this point heard that pitbulls attack people. Thus, when attacked by a dog the breed of which they do not know, they often identify it as a pitbull. Furthermore, police investigations into the attack often contain leading questions, such as "was it a pitbull that attacked you?"

    These sort of things have caused a very significant upsurge in the alleged assault of people by what are often incorrectly identified as pitbulls.

    I know from experience that these dogs identified as "pitbulls" run the gamut from bulldogs, to labs, to german shepherds, to rottweilers, to mutts, to, in a few cases, terriers and terrier mixes. Case in point, the individual in Ontario who eventually succeeded in enacting a pitbull ban could not identify a pitbull from a number of dog breeds shown to him. He was given a number of chances, and never once chose correctly. This was a man who had a sincere hatred of pitbulls, yet did not even know what they looked like.

    I am not at home right now, so I do not have the articles on hand to cite, but there have been a number of studies done on the issue of people mis-identifying pitbulls, and the affect that this has had on statistics and media coverage as a whole.

    Furthermore, there was another article - I believe by a Southern university - which showed that a pitbull, far from having the most lethal bite, was actually less damaging than the bite of the much more common labrador retriever. This was not because of the force behind the bite, but rather because of the differing styles which the dogs use to bite. A pitbull bites and holds, which rather than tearing, produces more bruising than external damage. A labrador retriever, and other more narrow snouted dogs like them, have an attack style which causes significantly more damage, as it actually constantly bites, tears, and releases when it attacks, which in turn lacerates and removes chunks of that which it attacks.


  124. (...continued from above)

    The best analogy I can use to illustrate the difference without the article on hand is that of a clamp and a saw. A clamp holds onto something until it is released - much like what pitbulls were originally trained to do when they were trained to hold onto, not bite and tear at, a bull to protect a rancher from being attacked. A saw, on the other hand (in this instance, the retriever and shepherd types - which, I should point out, often have a higher bite percentage than pitbulls in temperment tests) cuts constantly, lacerating whatever it is used to cut with the express purpose not of holding, but of damaging an object.

    Again, this is not to vilify retrivers, or shepherds. I have met plenty of both, and have never had any problems. The same goes for pitbulls. I used to volunteer at the humane society, and worked with socializing dogs including pitbulls, and found them to be, if anything, more willing to please people than many other types of dogs at the facility.

    The problem again lies with the fallacy that your average person knows what they are talking about. In general, they do not. Many people cannot identify a pitbull, and many people who own dogs have no concept of how to train, socialize, or treat them.

    As has been said before, banning something has never solved it as a problem. It often only exacerbates it. It only affects the law-abiding people who were responsible in the first place, while those who neglected, baited, fought, or abused their animals will only continue to do so, ban or otherwise. Bans also have a tendency to escalate out of control. I believe that Italy is currently in its fifties regarding the number of banned breeds, most recently banning the corgi because it has a tendency to bite.

    Rather, enforce the existing laws. Make it more difficult, and more punishing, for people to abuse and neglect their animals. If a dog - any dog - bites a person, muzzle it. Make it necessary that people who own dogs make sure they get enough exercise so that they won't be inclined to bite anyone or anything. If someone is found to be fighting animals, throw them in jail, make it so they legally cannot own or reside with another animal, and most importantly, ENFORCE THESE LAWS. Turning a blind eye to people who break the law, or ignoring the cause of the problem of dog attacks, only makes things worse.

  125. "I know from experience that these dogs identified as "pitbulls" run the gamut from bulldogs, to labs, to german shepherds, to rottweilers, to mutts, to, in a few cases, terriers and terrier mixes."


  126. Why is it that people that are pro-pit never cite one page of document to back up their pointless rambling.

    On the other hand; anti-pit comments seem to show documented fact.

    Anybody who mistakes a German Shepherd or Rottweiler for a Pit Bull must be either completely blind or completely stupid. Absolutely no truth to that comment. Just another irresponsible pit bull owner trying to justify their own lack of common sense.

    Most times it is law enforcement that identify the breed, news agencies report it. Seems they should be qualified. Afterall, they see enough of their aftermath in body bags.

  127. Mistaking a lab for a pit? Really? Who? When?

  128. To all you ''anti-pit people'' you racist prics obviousley hav no idea what the hell your talking about. the average number of people killed a year by pitbulls is less than 3. the average number of people killed by cars every year is over 40,000.Do you think we should ban those to!?. The point is if you idiots would think for yourselves for a change instead of believing everything you hear in the media you might actually learn something.I own a rescue pitbull and she is the best dog ive ever had.Ive been around pitbulls all my life and have yet to meet an agresive one. So before you go talking shit about a breed of dog you dont understand why dont you try spending time with one, they just might surprise you.

  129. To the above poster:

    Anybody that spells as bad as you should not own a Pitbull. Your lack of intelligence make anything you say irrelevant.

    Perhaps you have owned a lab and only thought you had a Pit Bull (see 4 posts previous)

  130. Racheal Ray is not a mother obviously. She is a cook that got lucky from being on Oprah. SHe is not an authority on this subject. Bottom line Pitbull bans would be a moratorium that would not allow future ownership or breeding of the dogs. Demanding future ownership of the dogs means you are both selfish and stupid. In most cases of death from a Pitbull, it is the loving famiy pitbull that suddenly SNAPS without warning. My son in law loved his pitbull for 5 years and then it suddenly attacked him one day and did great damage to his hand. The dog was loved and very well cared for. Pitbull owners deny and minimize the maulings of pitbulls much like dysfunctional people minimize childabuse. Denail is not just a river in Egypt. Pitbull owners gamble and believe that their dog is special and the vicious pitbulls have bad owners. This is far from the truth. In fact, many loving owners have been horribly attacked by their Pitbulls without warning. The reason Pitbulls are so dangerous is :noone can STOP a pitbull during an attack. Pitbulls are much more likely to cause disability, dismemberment or death, Pitbulls don't bite, they attack and maul. I guess I am not watching Racheal Ray anyomore as I believe all the elderly peole and kids literally torn apart to die or live without faces or limbs is unacceptable. She doens't have to have a pitbull next time she takes in a pet. She could be caring and care about others and what Pitbull ownership will mean to someone else: Death, or serious injury. Other dogs that bite that are cited in statistics do not cause death or serious injuy nearly as often. Too bad she used her position to dupe more gullible, and selfish followers. We don't allow lions, tigers or bears in the city because noone can stop them during an attack. Ditto Pitbulls. go to world wide web dogsbite dot org for more info.

  131. It's sad that because pit bulls are used in so many ways other then a house pet that the get the bad rep that the media shines on them and to the people who look at on to the general public for the fact shame on you. A pit bull is a an animal so being an animal it reacts the same as one if you are so foolish as to not understand that you should not own a dog and I notices the person lacking in courage to at least leave his/her name naming dogs that are to small to small to kill as they listed of coarse they are no a real threat to do massive harm because they were bred to be small doesn't mean they wouldn't just that they can't, and yes pit bulls are big enough to harm people and other animals I see no one judging other dog breeds like hybrid wolfs,and other more likely aggressive breeds. I own 1 pit bull now and about to get another and I dislike the rep my dog(s) and I have just because of that. Last thing the fact that the pit bull attack site is religious should make it void religion based groups are a very one mind set group. I am Joshua please feel free to ask me or comment and I will prove my point. The person above should not talk,do you know everything your son taught there dog no so shut up.

  132. http://www.nbcnewyork.com/news/local/Pit-Bull-Attack-North-Merrick-Woman-Mauled-Police-Hunt-Dogs-130878258.html

    Story of another woman ripped to shreds by pit bulls.

  133. Hmmm....Man has brutly killed more children than pit bulls have. Lets ban all men because I can pull up 3 stories I have read just this week. I bet I can even pull up more deaths to children by men in one year than by pitbulls in 10 years. Hmmm...whose number would be higher man killing or pitbull killing? Then if the rational on here is to ban pits because of the killing of innocents then we must not hesitate and ban all men from Earth also. Now you realize how ignorant you sound. I am sorry for your loss and I would be full of hate also, but be careful there is fine line with hating something. I hope one day you will find peace in your heart. I have been attacked by two dogs in my life time neither were a pitbull. I think each dog should be judged as an individual not as a breed. Just like each man is judged individually.

  134. IGNORANT to say the least! All small dogs are good, while all pit-bulls are bad? People need to educate themselves and stop with the fear mongering. Maybe we should ban all dogs and live happily ever after!

  135. There is no media conspiracy. Infact, the media has been REMISS in not reporting that the DBRF rate in the United States has QUADRUPLED since 1975...almost singularly due to Pit Bull breeding practices.

    pit bull attack

    Instead of breeding and SELLING a safer Pit Bull, we have a celebrity being worshipped for owning an animal that has attacked five neighborhood pets.

    Apparently the Pit Bull community likes this!

  136. We should ban all "mean" creatures from the face of this earth!!
    Mmm, how about Priests (molesting innocent children)... Michael Vick (killing animals for money and fun)...and don't forget about the "evil" pit-bulls (bite everything and everyone).

  137. How quickly society forgets that their beloved Petey was a American Pitbull. I own 2 Pitbulls and never have they gone out of their way to do any harm to any animal. My male Mr. Riddickulus is well over 90 pounds and I walk him without a leash. He never strays further than 10 feet from me. He does love to chase the squirrels on our walk, which I use to train him for the dog shows by putting weights on him and having him chase the squirrels. It seems to be a good workout besides the walk. My dog plays with the neighborhood children during our walks. It is time for people to realize it is NOT the breed but the owners.

  138. To: Anonymous from the 2009,2010 and 2011 postings. You are BANG-ON. I thank-you so much for the intelligent commentary and perfect examples you cited for how vicious this breed can be. To those idiotic people who are acquiring pitbulls because you think it is cool to be able to "tame" one and look so tough: the point is that yes all breeds can and do bite. HOWEVER, pitbulls are known for the most unprovoked bites! As well, because of the power of their bite, they do the most damage. Yes, german shephards actually exert the most pressure in bite studies, but pitbulls are 2nd and coupled with their erratic behaviour, they are DEADLY!!! Stop being so stupid you pitlovers saying how cute, sweet and babyish they are! Give your head a shake! And what the heck are you doing letting your pits sleep on top of you, taking your chair etc?? Don't you realize they think they are more dominant than you??? Stupid peopke need a lesson from a pitbull. That's the only way they'll learn, Anonymous. Thanks again for being one of the few voices of reason on here.

  139. I want to relay my own personal experience with pitbulls. We adopted a pitbull from a woman who rescued them off the streets of L.A. and brought them into Canada. She gathered up 40 and told everyone who was interested in adopting a rescue dog, that they were shephard/lab crosses. I told her we had 3 young children and were looking for a nice dog whose personality had been screened for a couple of months. She fostered them herself and after 2 months started finding appropriate homes. She gave us a "totally gentle, meek sweetheart shephard/lab." Sounded good to us. She looked like a pit cross to us. Our vet confirmed it later. Anyhow, well this sweet dog was respectful to 4 of our family members, however, our oldest son (10 at the time), she liked to challenge. She could sense his passive personality is my guess. After a couple of months with us, she tried to bite our son in the face as well as 8 other people. In every incident she gave no warning and suddenly jumped up UNPROVOKED and slammed her jaws down only inches from their face. Why didn't she actually bite their faces? Because I was smart enough to know to never let her off leash or to let her have too much leash to begin with. In every instance, I reacted quickly enough to yank on her leash at the last minute to have the person's face spared. In total shock, I brought in a police dog trainer who specializes in aggressive canines in their unit. She told me that my "sweet, gentle girl" was not at all. She told me that this dog was extremely dominant and bloody dangerous. She ordered me to have her muzzled at all times with a basket muzzle. She was still unbelievably aggressive with people. She knew not to bother trying to bite their faces with a muzzle on, she was very clever...but she still lunged at them and postured assertively. She was a ticking time bomb the trainer said. She told us that this "sweetie" was going to make contact one of these days. That it was just a matter of time..... We returned her to her rescuer from Canada who made the same evaluation of he after we told her our experiences. She was never able to have people freely over or have surprise visitors- Get another breed idiots!

  140. Pit bull mauls 3 week old baby in Detroit. Tore its face off. Why? Just because.

    Read the story: 3 month old baby mauled by pit bull. Read story: http://www.freep.com/article/20121004/NEWS01/121004082/detroit-girl-killed-by-pit-bull?odyssey=tab|topnews|text|FRONTPAGE

  141. Giffords pitbull kills innocent baby sea lion. No reason, just wanted to kill.

  142. Another baby killed by pot bulls:


  143. Is it the breed, the owner or both? I survived a vicious attack that nearly took my life just over a year ago. The dog named Meat Head, a 130 pound Pitt had my thigh locked in his grip staring me straight in the eyes. I was the prey, he the predator & we both knew it. I had blocked his initial attack on my 6 month old Rat Terrier flinging myself on her to protect her. There was no pain at first, everything happening in slow motion. My mind was crystal clear, first assuring that my dog was safe, then focusing on the knowledge I'd learned about Pitt Bulls from reading "White Fang". Lock jaw. My friends efforts of beating & kicking him were futile only causing him to shake his head and ripping me further. I screamed at my friends to stop. We looked again into each others eyes as I felt him maneuvering his grip to finalize his kill. The rescue was amazing and a story in itself. The dog was released from the animal shelter before I got out of the hospital. The bloody evidence washed clean, the owners in denial, & this incident didn't even make it in the local newspaper. The owners took no responsibility - not bothering to find out if I survived - and even joked about the stupid blonde that "jumped on their dog". I have three dogs - I love dogs! When did man's best friend become a viscous killer? When did we decide to use them to destroy rather than protect? When did we decide to mold this breed to represent ourselves, abused, angry, vicious, intimidating, and the desire to kill? What can be done to better regulate the owners of these dogs? They are becoming one of the top desired dogs by those least fit to own one. I live in fear of them now that shakes me to the bone - terror arising every time I see one, leaving me trembling long after their gone. What can be done Rachael to prevent this? I'm on your side and hope that you can be heard because my near-death experience was ignored, mocked, and swept under the table.

  144. Here's another heart warming story on them adorable pit bulls. Their so much fun, aren't they?


  145. PItbull rips apart 3 year old:

  146. http://www.freep.com/article/20140606/NEWS07/306060092/pit-bull-attack-Ohio-girl?odyssey=obinsite

    6 year old has face and jaw ripped off by Pit Bulls.

  147. 2013 dog bite fatalities ::
    Information gathered by DogsBite.org is verifiable1 through Internet archive services. Our Fatality Citations section documents each source used in our dog bite-related fatality research.
    2013 statistics
    32 U.S. dog bite-related fatalities occurred in 2013. Despite being regulated in Military Housing areas and over 700 U.S. cities, pit bulls contributed to 78% (25) of these deaths. Pit bulls make up about 6% of the total U.S. dog population.2
    Together, pit bulls (25) and rottweilers (1), the second most lethal dog breed, accounted for 81% of the total recorded deaths in 2013. This same combination accounted for 74% of all fatal attacks during the 9-year period of 2005 to 2013.
    The breakdown between these two breeds is substantial over this 9-year period. From 2005 to 2013, pit bulls killed 176 Americans, about one citizen every 18.6 days, versus rottweilers, which killed 33, about one citizen every 99.5 days.
    In the year of 2013, the combination of pit bulls (25), rottweilers (1) and bullmastiffs (2) accounted for 88% of all dog bite-related fatalities. Notably, the two bullmastiff-mixes3 were littermates that inflicted death within a 6-month period.
    Annual data from 2013 shows that 56% (18) of the fatality victims were children 7-years and younger, and 44% (14) were adults, 25-years and older. Of the total children killed by dogs in 2013, 61% (11) were ages 4-years and younger.
    Annual data shows that when combining all age groups, male and female fatality victims were equivalent, 16 and 16. Amongst children 7-years and younger, however, males were excessively victims, 72% (13), versus females 28% (5).
    In 2013, over one-third, 38% (12), of all dog bite fatality victims were either visiting or living temporarily with the dog's owner when the fatal attack occurred, up from 32% in 2012. Children 7-years and younger accounted for 83% (10) of these deaths.
    Of this subset of 12 fatalities, 92% (11) were inflicted by pit bulls and 58% (7) involved a babysitter, including a relative or friend under the directive to watch a child 7-years or younger. All 7 of these child deaths were inflicted by pit bulls.
    47% (15) of all fatalities in 2013 involved more than one dog; 16% (5) involved breeding on the dog owner's property either actively or in the recent past, and 9% (3) involved tethered dogs. All 3 chaining deaths were attributed to pit bulls.
    Dog ownership information for 2013 shows that family dogs comprised 47% (15) of all fatal attack occurrences; 78% (25) of the attacks resulting in human death occurred on the dog owner's property and 22% (7) resulted in criminal charges.
    California led lethal dog attacks in 2013 with 5 deaths. 100% were attributed to pit bulls and 60% resulted in criminal charges. Texas followed with 4 deaths and 0% criminal charges. Arkansas and South Carolina followed, each with 3 deaths.

  148. Pack of 5 Pitbulls attack Detroit man.


  149. In Detroit: Pit Bulls literally eat a man while EMS waits and watches. Pits were in a frenzy and EMS could not approach until DPD arrived. Sweet little babies, how wonderful they are. awwwwwww


  150. No one is free, even the birds are chained to the sky. See the link below for more info.



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