Rachael Ray's Talk Show Extended Through 2010

Newspapers and blogs are going crazy today after the news that Rachael Ray's talk show has been picked up not just for a second season, but through 2010. The story has been covered by the New York Post, Variety, TV Squad and Entertainment Weekly, to name a few.

The CEO of the talk show's distributor, Roger King, told the UPI: "It's clear that Rachael's devoted fans are happy to welcome her into their living rooms every day, and the positive response from our affiliate stations has been tremendous." Rachael Ray said: "I'm thrilled that I will be able to keep working with all the talented people who make the show such a success. It is truly a dream job, and I thank all the viewers for tuning in every day."

Many of the articles point out that almost all syndicated talk shows are suffering terrible ratings. Apparently, as the best of the shows with low ratings, Rachael's show is appealing to networks. Or maybe the suits at the network think she will be the one to buck the trend if given some time. We'll see!

Also, according to World Screen, Rachael's talk show has been picked up by Channel 6 in Ireland. They picked up the entire first season of the show, stating that Rachael has "an international appeal that is very approachable" and they "think she will be a big hit with our viewers in Ireland."


  1. Until 2010?! That's a long time.

  2. I know! They were saying two more seasons, but it seems like four to me: 2007, 2008, 2009 and 2010. But maybe they count them in some unique way for TV seasons.

  3. Good for Rachael! She does have an everyday approachable appeal.

    You can't help but applaud her success.

  4. Exactly, Mimi. I think that the show will definitly get more viewers as the word spreads.


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