Rachael Ray's Talk Show Gets Second Season

Good news! TV Week says that Rachael Ray's talk show is confirmed for a second season. I was a little bit skeptical about the show's premiere. However, there have been several changes to the show that have really improved it.

First, they ditched the question and answer period at the beginning. Maybe they were looking for filler at the beginning of the show's production, but it just didn't seem to fit into the high energy intro. Now Rachael usually does a quick cooking segment at the beginning of the show, which fits perfectly. A new viewer will immediately get what they expect from Rachael (cooking) and we seasoned viewers get to start the show by seeing her do what made us fans in the first place.

Second, Rachael calmed down a bit. Don't get me wrong - she still has more energy than the average bear, but she doesn't interrupt her guests (as much) anymore. I really am convinced that the early days' energy was mostly from nervousness. She will hit her stride soon, now that she's more comfortable with the studio audience and the talk show format.

Third, they reduced the number of viewer videos. There still are more than on other talk shows, which is good, but no so many that it seems chaotic. Again, there could have been more of them in the beginning in order to help fill time, but it's nice to see the number reduced.

Overall, I'm glad to see that Rachael hasn't changed to try to please her critics. If she did that, I don't think she would have the effect she has on people. For example, I bought a Rachael Ray cookbook (Express Lane Meals) for my brother and the clerk in the bookstore said her sister was throwing her first Christmas party. According to the clerk, it was all because Rachael inspired her and gave her the confidence to know that she could do it. Whatever Rachael's critics might say, Rachael is getting people back in the kitchen. That is certainly an admirable feat.

[Photo from Rachael Ray Show]


  1. Megan Mullally's show was cancelled Wednesday after less than five months. Taped episodes will continue in January.

    Uncle Stephen

  2. Thanks, Uncle Stephen! I found a funny post about it to include in tomorrow's Roundup. Poor Megan.

  3. I got to see a couple of episodes over the winter break and she has calmed down considerably. Isn't interrupting as much anymore and isn't as hyper as she was. She's doing good. I think it's great that she has a second season...a lot of these talk shows are so touch and go (as Megan Mullaly has found out).

  4. Jennifer - definitely. I was crossing my fingers that those first few shows were affected by her nervousness and it looks like that's what happened.


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