Super Bowl Party Menu

Every Day with Rachael Ray magazine kindly offers a Super Bowl party menu for those of you hosting the big even this year. I'm attending a pot luck and have to decide which of these yummy-sounding offerings to bring.

The recipes are from David Lawrence, who just happens to be from Sacramento, California, where I have lived for the last eight years. How could I possibly pass up his recipes since they are in a Rachael Ray magazine AND he's from my 'hood? Here's what Lawrence recommends:

Right now, I'm leaning towards the kettle corn, since it would be easy to transport for the 30 minute drive to the party. Do you think it would taste worse cold than it would if you served it right out of the pot?


  1. Those all look good! I vote for the kettle corn because that's a snack that everyone will love but it's original and probably nothing like anyone else will bring. and it's so fun to munch on during the game too.

    i'm also going to a party but wasn't asked to bring anything. kettle corn sounds like so much fun.

  2. Rachel - good point. I wasn't consider the novelty factor of it.


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