There's a Lost Fan Among Us

Anyone else recognize the symbol on that can of Natural Cocoa Powder featured on Rachael Ray's talk show? Oh yes, fellow Lost fans, the Dharma Initiative has invaded Rachael's show! Someone get Jack!!!!!

By the way, if you are interested in all those silly labels that Rachael Ray has on the products she uses, check out this post I did early on in the days of Everything Rachael Ray.

Next thing you know, Rachael will discover a hatch under the sink....


  1. How cool is that?? I will definitely let my fellow Lost fan friends know about this one!

  2. I sooo did a double take when I saw that. I paused on TiVo and went "what?"

    And I love that they were so proud of it that they posted it on their website for that episode. Cracked me up.

  3. hi. i do the labels for the show (no seriously, you can view my blog entry on and i often put a lot of references to other shows (look for simpsons and seinfeld references), movies, etc. to amuse myself but also to see if anyone notices...glad you caught that.
    dharma also supplies the shows' hand sanitizer...
    keep your eyes peeled and thanks again for noticing.
    - doan

  4. Doan - thanks so much for stopping by and giving us RR/Lost fans the confirmation.

    You get major points for the Dharma Initiative plug. With such a long wait till the season starts up again, I'll take whatever I can get...

    I'll keep an eye out for all your other tricks!

  5. Those labels are so adorable. I wonder why some shows can use actual products and some can't? For instance, Giada always shows the Barilla products (but I think she has an endorsement deal with them). And Sandra Lee's products (OK I'm embarrassed to admit it but once in a while I do watch Miss Lee) are always blurred out like they're something obscene ;)

  6. And here I thought Dharma was just a ditzyy sitcom character. ;)

  7. Erin - I don't get it either. But the labels are so cute that I can get over it.

  8. Cate - so there is someone who's not watching Lost!

  9. Foodie Bride - it certainly is! I think I am going to start making labels for my own stuff at home.


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