This Week on Rachael Ray's Talk Show

Here are the highlights from Rachael Ray's talk show this week. For the recipes from this week's shows, check out the shopping list and the recipe archive. The recipes are listed by category in the order they appear on the show.

Lots of celebs this week!

Monday: Dreamgirl Jennifer Hudson. Just before she finds out whether she is nominated for an Oscar for Dreamgirls, Jennifer Hudson chatted with Rachael about her recent rise to stardom. Also on this episode, learn about what's inside your old mattress and how to know when you should get a new one. The usual bottom-of-the-jar recipe is joined by Rachael's first-ever bottom-of-the-drawer recipes.

Tuesday: Raquel Welch & Rupert Everett. Raquel Welch and Rupert Everett visit Rachael (although, not together). Welch shares "secrets for staying sexy after 60" and Everett stops by to chat about his current and previous film roles. We also learn about foods to fight fat and Rachael discusses whether a 17-year-old is ready to get married. Here, Rach, let me help. No, a 17-year old is not ready to get married. Couldn't someone have given Rupert a bar of soap and a razor before the taping?

Wednesday: Teen Fashion: Mother vs. Daughter. A mom and her teenage daughter discuss what clothes are age appropriate for teenagers. Specifically, they have a "battle of the hemlines" to try to reach some common ground among the moms and the teenagers. Rachael offers simple tips for cleaning hard-to-clean items and Chad Michael Murray from One Tree Hill starts by. Rachael also provides an ingredient that can save any meal. My guess is chicken stock. Whaddya think?

Thursday: LL Cool J. On Thursday, LL Cool J stops by and plays strip air hockey with Rachael. Really. I couldn't make this stuff up if I tried. We also learn from Dr. Manny how to know what signals your body is sending you and we get the recipe for Rachael's make your own takeout version of Japanese food.

Friday: Co-Ed Sleepovers. When I saw the title of this episode, I thought there was no such thing as a co-ed sleepover. But apparently, I am wrong! Rachael discusses co-ed sleepovers, what goes on and whether you should be worried. Also handyman Eric Stromer offers homeowner tips and we get results on a woman's experience with her 90-day dating diet.

Updates: Lots of updates this week!

Did you see the band from Chico that included autistic kids? You can learn more about them here and here.

Rachael Ray might be getting herself into a controversy! The family who appeared to talk about spying on kids (the Wests) mentioned before taping that "and they felt God had given them the responsibility of raising the children. " They were instructed by a producer not to refer to God during the segment. Read all the details here.

Scott McKinnon invented the Campfire Pizza Cooker and was featured on the December 14 episode that featured unique cooking tools. Read all about McKinnon and his invention here.


  1. On your "Everything Rachel Ray Page"- Rachel sitting with Jennifer Hudson- you quote " Rachel chatting with Jennifer Hudson right before she found out she was nominated for an Oscar." Is this a mistake, misprint or am I reading it wrong? The nominations come out tommorow...Thanks. Irene

  2. Thanks for catching that, Irene! You are definitely right and I just fixed it!

  3. Ooh LL Cool J is looking GOOD! wolf whistles

  4. i got so lucky! i'm working from home today and got to watch the show. i missed Jennifer Hudson yesterday, but caught Raquel Welch and Rupert Everett today. They are both awesome and Rachael gets along with them so well. Raquel Welch is 66 and she look amazing!

    They also made an amazing veggie dinner. Even though I'm not a vegetarian I totally want to make it.

    And I am SO tivo-ing Thursday. Saw the live preview with LL Cool J. Yum!

  5. There were so many pictures of LL Cool J posted that it was hard for me to whittle it down to just one. I'm looking forward to that one too!

  6. I missed it. :(

    LL Cool J just gets better with age. I tell you! LOL!! He's like a good wine! Hee!

  7. Jennifer - I will keep an eye out for the video with his appearance!


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