TV Alert: Day to Day with Rachael Ray

If you have not seen the mysterious Day to Day with Rachael Ray on the the Food Network, now's your chance. An episode all about will be airing on Sunday morning at 7:00 am, but check your local listings to make sure. The theme for the show is "You Deserve It." The special guest is David Evangelista, who "will teach you how to throw a spa party at home." This reminds me of a feature in one of the first issues of Every Day with Rachael Ray about throwing a spa themed shower. Does anyone else remember that or did I make it up?

Rachael and David will share these recipes:

You can see my thoughts about Day to Day with Rachael Ray here. Watch it and tell me if you agree that it looks like a test run for Rachael's syndicated talk show!


  1. I like Day to Day. But I usually sleep through it. Thank God for Tivo!

  2. i saw day to day a few weeks ago, i think she seemed more at ease doing it than she did duringthe first few weeks of the actual show. Probably cause she didnt think these were gonna air

  3. Rachel - really, what would we do without it?

    Rob - that's quite possible. Day to Day certainly has a slower pace than her current talk show.

  4. I cannot stand David Evangelista. He annoys me! However, those recipes sound interesting! Thanks!

  5. Jennifer - I don't really know who he is, so I will have to watch to find out!


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