TV Week Interviews Rachael Ray

TV Week's Chris Purcell recently interviewed Rachael Ray about how she turned her personality and love for food into a brand. He noted that her talk show "continues to top the charts in markets across the country."

The article does a quick rundown of Rachael's history (so skip to the next paragraph if you already know all this stuff): her family owned restaurants in Cape Cod, Massachusetts, then upstate New York. Then Rachael moved to New York City, where she was a manager at Agata & Valentina, then moved back to upstate New York to work at Cowan & Lobel. When she was there, Rachael started teaching 30 minute meal classes on Mediterranean foods to try to sell more groceries. Those classes got her attention from local TV, then she got two regional Emmy nominations and published a companion cookbook.

TV Week says that Rachael's talk show was rated by People magazine as one of the Top 10 Shows of 2006 and it was the only syndicated show to make the list. Purcell easily encapsulates Rachael's appeal: "She has tapped into a hunger, not only for the nurturing qualities of good food and the bragging rights of being able to cook it, but for her philosophy, which encourages audiences to live life richly regardless of whether they happen to be wealthy." Yup.

Here are some excerpts from Purcell's interview with Rachael and you can read the entire article here:

TVWeek: Do you have a typical week?
Ms. Ray: Never. If I'm taping all "Rachael Ray" shows, Mondays and Fridays are fill packages. Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays we tape two or three shows a day. All of November we taped three shows a day because I had to go out on book tour in December. I don't have to, but I love going out on tour and seeing the kids and getting new recipes and stuff. We've been doing three shows a day for a while. Then I went out on the road. When I'm on book tour I'm in a different city every day for 18 days.

When I'm on "30 Minute Meals" we do four shows a day for six days a week until we get the run done. And this year I'll tape 80 of those back-to-back and a little preview of our new kitchen in March, a dozen episodes. When this show goes on hiatus between seasons I'll go on the road and travel for two six-week periods to do 20 "Tasty Travels."

TVWeek: Wow.
Ms. Ray: It's all very different. And then on the weekends and at nights, that's when I write and work on books and recipes for the next shows. When I'm flying I get a lot of quiet time. I do my recipes for the magazine then, or if I get to go home once every five, six weeks, up to the cabin, that quiet time is when I write the next issue of the magazine or some recipes for the next book. Put all kind of pieces together.

TVWeek: What was the best piece of advice Oprah Winfrey ever gave you?
Ms. Ray: "Be yourself" is the only piece of advice she's ever given me, and it remains constant.

TVWeek: Did she ever talk about how tabloids are going to be out for you and what-not?
Ms. Ray: She doesn't care about that junk and neither do I. ... I mean, fine, you know, it's my job, but it's a pain in the ass when it touches people you care about. But I don't read that crap, and you know what, people are going to think what they're gonna think; nothing I can do about it.


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