Appearance Alert: South Beach Wine and Food Festival

I have been such a slacker when it comes to telling you about Rachael Ray's pending appearance at the South Beach Wine and Food Festival this year. I think it's because I'm in denial. It's cold here in Northern California, so I think I haven't written about it because (a) I sure would love a trip to South Beach and (2) I sure would like to see Rachael Ray at one of her appearances. Alas, neither is in store for me any time soon, but that doesn't mean that you can't go!

The Food Network is sponsoring the South Beach Wine and Food Festival this year and Rachael Ray will be appearing to do a cooking class for kids! The Festival is being held February 22-25, 2007, and most of the tickets will cost you dearly. Rachael Ray's appearance, which only cost $35, was sold out over a month ago and maybe even before that.

You can also enter an auction, which Jacob at Food Network Addict was kind enough to discuss.

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