Colby Donaldson Becomes a Regular

I am a Survivor fan, an Us Weekly fan and a Rachael Ray fan, so imagine my happiness when I saw this: Us Weekly Magazine reports that Survivor's Colby Donaldson will be a regular "content buddy" on Rachael Ray's talk show (she thinks calling them experts is too stuffy).

Us lays the snark on pretty thick by asking: "He withstood water torture and the torturous Jerri Manthey in the Australian outback, but will Colby Donaldson survive Rachael Ray’s uncompromising perkiness?" It reports that Colby's role will be "hanging out at Ray’s kitchen table and dishing about what men really want." Colby seems to have hit it big with this gig, since he will also do interviews and set visits for Entertainment Tonight.

Here's what he told Us about his new job:

"Audiences first got to know me being myself on TV having a wild adventure. I'm thrilled to now be with Rachael Ray enjoying this daytime adventure with real people. I love hanging out with Rachael and the food perks are pretty great too! It's good to know my days of eating bugs are over!"

[Photo from Us Weekly]


  1. Le *sigh* he still is good looking!! How cool is it that he's going to be a regular on her show?

  2. That sounded very Trent-like Jennifer! Yeah, I am excited about it, Colby has always been one of my favorites.

  3. The title of your blog gives you away.

  4. colby is hot! way hotter than john...!!!!!!!!

  5. I don't get the whole Colby thing, but hey... he can't be loved by everyone. He's cute but I find him empty. He doesn't add much.


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