The Rachael Ray Home Collection

Just when we thought Rachael Ray couldn't put her name on one more product, she surprises us with a foray into the world of home textiles, according to RetailNet. It reports that Rachael will debut the Rachael Ray Home Collection on February 12 during an industry event called Domestics Week in New York. Rachael is teaming up with a textiles company called WestPoint Stevens, which has also introduced a Betsey Johnson collection of bedding this year.

I think this jump into home products makes perfect sense. Every Day with Rachael Ray has many lifestyle magazine elements instead of just being about food, so it goes along with what she's already doing. Plus, there's definitely room in the market for people whose home decor style is more "Rachael Ray" than "Martha Stewart." Oddly enough, the company Rachael is teaming up with also produces Martha Stewart's Everyday line of home products. Now, isn't that special?

[Photo from Every Day with Rachael Ray]

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