Rachael Ray Interviewed by the Detroit Free Press

The Detroit Free Press sat down with Rachael Ray when she was in town for the International Auto Show Charity Preview. There aren't any real news flashes in this interview, but it's interesting nonetheless.

I really don't know how many times Rachael has been interviewed, but I wonder if she ever gets tired of it. I guess it's her job, so she doesn't really have a choice, but I saw a clip on her talk show of this interview. She fit it in by eating her lunch at the same time as answering questions. She's a busy girl.

The interview isn't too long, so here's the whole darn thing:

• On her energetic onscreen persona: "People would be surprised, actually. It takes a lot of caffeine to get me to work. My work is what gives me energy. I get excited talking about food and travel. On this show, it's easy because of the live audience. They give me energy. But I don't wake up with it. It's not there innately."

• On her relentlessly optimistic appearance: "I'm always optimistic. I like life. But I'm not always up. I get home, I get very quiet. You'd probably be surprised how quiet I get at home."

• On the toughest part of daily TV: "Nothing really. It's easier because of that live audience energy. There's a learning curve, as with anything. It's a new gig. I think every day it feels more and more comfortable. To me, it's a very easy gig because you get such a huge payback from that group of live people. It's a lot easier than talking to your vegetables alone for 14 hours."

• On Oprah Winfrey's role in getting her going: "Certainly hugely instrumental. You can't get a stronger force behind you than Oprah and King World" (her producer and syndicator).

• On the best meal she ever made: "It depends how hungry I was when I ate it. I don't really make stuff for the 'ta-da' factor. I'm happy with a lot of the meals I've made because they've made me happy eating them. I've never really done a showstopper."

• On her worst culinary disaster: "The time I tried to bake for my mother's birthday a lemon cottage cake. I sifted four times, walked around all tippy-toed and the cake still never rose. It was a big lemon hockey puck. I cried for four hours."

• On how often she cooks at home: "Every night that I don't have a business function to do after work. We eat dinner at 10, 10:30 p.m., but we cook. It's what I use to relax even when I don't feel like eating. I'll go home and cook, take two bites and put it in the fridge and John (her husband) will eat the next day."

• On her burgeoning presence as an endorser (she has a big deal with Nabisco): "A lot of people in the food industry have asked me to work with them over the years, and I've said no to them. But ... I love Triscuits; they're very tasty, especially the rosemary ones. ... Because I actually use the product, I don't mind giving them a hand."

• On the best advice for starting cooks: "Don't take yourself too seriously. Don't try to make the cover of Gourmet magazine, you know, your first weekend off. Make things you can imagine in your head. Things you can make readily and easily and no problem. Or make something you love to eat whenever you go out so you can get that same pleasure at home. Or a simplified version of it."

• On going over the $40 limit on her Food Network show "$40 a Day": "I always do because I used to be a waitress so I'd leave huge tips. And my crew ate most of it. I couldn't eat anymore. I got fatter and fatter the more of those episodes I did. ... I'm a salt and fat person."

• On making the case for extra-virgin olive oil -- EVOO, the acronym she created: "EVOO just got in the dictionary and they gave me a little certificate for it. So I think I put it on the map, eh?"

• On her own wheels: "I have two. To and from work (in New York), I have an electric car, a Toyota Prius. And to go home to the mountains (the Adirondacks), I have a BMW X5."


  1. I am really loving her new do and color. It is really flattering on her!

  2. I'm liking the dark much better than the highlights!


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