Rachael Ray's Talk Show: Ratings Update

Rachael Ray's talk show is the only one left standing from this year's freshman class. She started the season with three other syndicated talk shows: The Dr. Keith Ablow Show, The Megan Mullally Show and the Greg Behrendt Show. All three of her companions have now been cancelled.

According to the New York Post, Rachael's show is in no danger of cancellation. She is the only one with decent ratings among the new talk shows, but all the daytime talk shows are taking hits these days. Here's a list of the ratings so you can see how Rachael's doing:

Oprah: 9.5 million viewers
Dr. Phil: 7.212 million
Live! With Regis and Kelly: 4.832 million
Maury Povich: 3.537 million
Ellen Degeneres: 3.374 million
Rachael Ray: 2.903 million
Jerry Springer: 2.543 million
Montel: 2.47 million
Tyra Banks: 1.978 million
Martha Stewart: 1.839 million
Megan Mullally Show: 1.041 million
Greg Behrendt Show: 1.046 million
Dr. Keith Ablow Show: 1.442 million

The Post notes that there are 13 talk shows on the air right now, which is simply too many for the demand. Therefore, it makes sense that the lowest rated ones got the boot "especially since daytime talk ratings have been declining for years."

While none of the shows are doing really well, at least Rachael is doing better than her fellow new shows (and better than the show that is probably her main competition for viewers, Martha Stewart).

Also, Broadcasting and Cable recently stated that: "One talker hit a new season and series high in the week ending Feb. 4: Rookie champion Rachael Ray, which jumped 9% to a best-ever 2.4 rating."

So, things are only going up for Rachael Ray's talk show!

[Photo from Rachael Ray Show]


  1. The only two I watch are Rachael and Martha. I'm so glad they are on at different times on my market. I tape both daily. Thanks for the update.

  2. That is a super cute pic! It made me smile. :) I wish I had her energy...

  3. I don't get a chance to watch any shows...and I can't believe the Jerry Springer show is STILL in syndication. That is crazy.


  4. Jennifer - Tee hee. Rachael's is the only watch I watch regularly. I watch Oprah every now and then, too.

  5. Good for rachel. I catch it when I can which is very rare. Does the view not count as a daytime talk show?

  6. Hey Anony,

    The View is not a syndicated show, it's an ABC show, so it wasn't included in the list.

  7. I always miss it because I'm gone from 3-4 picking my kiddo up! :( No TIVO or TiFaux yet either. *sigh*. And my VCR is broken. Boo!

  8. TiVo seriously rules. We have been thinking of upgrading to HDTV, but we haven't because they don't offer it with TiVo!


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