This Week on Rachael Ray's Talk Show

Here are the highlights from Rachael Ray's talk show this week. For the recipes from this week's shows, check out the shopping list and the recipe archive. The recipes are listed by category in the order they appear on the show.

Lots of celebrities this week. How do you feel about how the show ask celebrities to provide every day sort of advice? I kinda like it.

Monday: Joan Lunden and Gabrielle Union. Joan Lunden offers tips on taking your kids to the dentist and on how to balance career and family. Learn skin care secrets and see a machine that will show you what you will look like in 10 years. This episode also features Gabrielle Union, who talks about dating and her new film, Daddy's Little Girl. They prepare meatballs two ways in Rachael's kitchen.

Tuesday:Is Chivalry Dead? Rachael is conducting a search for top model who's over 40 and she reveals the finalists. Then Colby Donaldson carries out some random acts of chivalry, which are recorded by secret cameras. Also, new beauty products, including talking eye shadow, are discussed. Rachael shows us how to make chicken with walnut and red pepper stir fry.

Wednesday: ER's Hot Doc John Stamos. On Wednesday's show, Rachael welcomes ER's John Stamos. He talks about being a Hollywood bachelor. Also, learn how to blowdry your hair so that you look like you just left a salon. We also get to hear about Rachael being inducted into a wax museum. Rachael and John prepare a Greek burger.

Thursday: The Ultimate Oscar Party. Go behind the scenes of the planning of an Oscar party and Rachael offers tips on throwing your own Oscar Party. Rachael also shares tips for getting a movie star hairstyle and Dreamgirl Anika Noni Rose talks about the film. The highlight of the week for me will be an appearance by Project Runway's Tim Gunn who "rates Rach's fashion hits and misses." Make it work, people!

Friday: Heat 'n Eat. Rachael shares five meals that can be made in just one afternoon and then heated up throughout the week. Also, natural disaster preparation tips and a look at "which stars will be shaping the face of fashion for the next decade" and how to get their look.

Updates: Remember the woman who wore the same pjs for 5 years? Her local paper wrote a little piece about her that gives some behind the scenes information about their interaction with Susan Lucci.

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