Get a Look at Day to Day with Rachael Ray

Remember the mystery Rachael Ray show called Day to Day with Rachael Ray? It aired on the Food Network at very random times and seemed like a pilot or test for Rachael's current syndicated talk show. Someone was kind enough to post a clip on YouTube. Tell me if you agree with my hunch:


  1. Thank God she has cut down on the unnecessary hand jestures on the new show. I swear she used to think she had to wave her hands around for every. single. word. she. said!

  2. I think it really was nervousness at first. She has definitely gotten more comfortable with the talk show format as time goes on.

  3. The waving your hands is really an italian thing. I'm Sicilian just like her - trust me, its in the genes

    When watching the Chefography (I think), it did said that Food Network did do pilots for her new show before shopping it around, so this is totally what this is.

    I love her!

  4. I totally missed that on Chefography! I need to work on my TV watching comprehension.


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