New Cookbook Title Revealed!

Thanks to a clever ERR reader who was kind enough to e-mail me (thanks, Rob!), we now know the title of Rachael Ray's next cookbook: Just in Time All-New 30-Minutes Meals, plus Super-Fast 15-Minute Meals and Slow It Down 60-Minute Meals. Not going for short but sweet, were they?

During her talk show, Rachael described this new book:

I have been kind of obsessed with double duty cooking recently. I'm working on the next cookbook and it's a 15, 30 and 60. 15-minute meals, 30-minute meals and 60-minute meals and all the 60's are doubles. That means in the time it takes you to make one meal, you can split it up and make two entirely different tasting meals with two different personalities on two different nights.

There is a little placeholder type post on Rachael's publisher's website. Unfortunately, that means no picture of the cover and no other details right now. Amazon doesn't even have any entry for the new book at all. I'll keep my eyes peeled, though!

By the way, I posted a new poll today in the right sidebar. I watched a Rachael Ray talk show marathon this weekend (I love TiVo) and noticed that she doesn't come down the elevator as much anymore. Then I was inspired by the cool polls that Jessica at Food TV and Me has been running to try a poll myself! Make sure you vote!

[Photo from EDRR]


  1. I think she nay be alternating her entrance. Maybe depending on the mood? I think this past Friday she was in the elevator. I'm not 100 percent since I tape it everyday. Some days I'm not sure what day it actually is!

  2. I still have four more to watch, so I'll check and see! In the five that I watched, she didn't use the elevator at all.

  3. Pretty sure the last couple I've seen had her coming down the elevator. Maybe I need to pay closer attention. ;)

  4. Darn it. Now I have to go home and watch the beginnings of the five episodes I have taped.

  5. Phew. I reviewed my episodes on TiVo and she did use the elevator sometimes, but it was mostly in the repeats and shows that were filmed awhile (you can tell by her hair color). So it looks like she still uses the 'vator, but not as much. I changed the question in this post a little bit so it is clear now!


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