New Kitchen Products from Rachael Ray

These videos from give a little glimpse of what kitchen products are on the way from Rachael Ray. There are pots, pans, tools, and cast iron items that will soon be available in a funky green color. Now we just need to find someone to teach this guy how to use a microphone. Check them out:

Here are Rachael Ray's pots and pans in their new green color. And no, I have no idea why it takes over a minute to say "this is the new green."

A little glimpse at some of the new cast iron products from Rachael Ray:

The new stainless steel line and new tools look pretty cool. There's the Rachael Ray spoonulas (that's going to drive people crazy, I love it) and spatulas.

I was hoping to get a look at the new garbage bowls, but no such luck.

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