New York v. Chicago

Rachael Ray is providing a platform for one of the biggest debates in America (okay, maybe I'm exaggerating): Is New York or Chicago pizza better? You can throw in your two cents here.

The votes will narrow the choices down to one pizza maker from each city. According to the Chicago Sun-Times, the winning pizza shop from Chicago, "plus friends, family and 50 other Chicagoans -- will then be flown to New York by Delta Air Lines for a big pizza showdown being taped March 27 on the Rachael Ray show."

The Chicago contenders are:

Chicago Pizza and Oven Grinder - 2121 N. Clark St.
Giordanos - 730 N. Rush St.
Home Run Inn - 4254 W. 31st St.
Lou Malnatis Pizzeria - 439 N. Wells St.
Connies Pizza - 2373 S. Archer Ave.
Pizzeria Uno - 29 E. Ohio St.
Vito and Nicks - 8433 S. Pulaski Rd.
Ginos East of Chicago - 633 N. Wells St.
Pats Pizzeria and Ristorante - 2679 N. Lincoln Ave.
Petes Pizza - 3737 N. Western

The New York contenders are:

Famous Joes Pizza - 7 Carmine St.
Savoia – 277 Smith St. (Brooklyn)
Gabys Pizzeria - 20423 Hillside Ave. (Queens)
Fornino - 187 Bedford Ave. (Brooklyn)
Grimaldis Pizzeria - 19 Old Fulton St. (Brooklyn)
Gonzo - 140 W. 13th St.
Una Pizza Napoletana - 349 E. 12th St
Otto Enoteca and Pizzeria - 1 5th Ave.
Lombardis - 32 Spring St.
L and B Spumoni Gardens - 2725 86th St. (Brooklyn)

You can also write in your own candidate. So go participate in the big debate!

[Photo from Rachael Ray]


  1. I've eaten at a few of those named places in each city. The real deal is that they are different "styles" of pizza. Also, you eat them differently; fold over and eat in NYC or use a knife and fork or just shove a piece in your mouth in Chi-town. Personally, having lived in Philadelphia for a few years I think the crust and sauce in Philly beats any pizza in the nation.

  2. So I guess you can tell I've never tried either? We have a couple restaurants that profess to offer variations of New York or Chicago pizza, but I'm sure they're nothing like the real thing.

  3. I agree with Uncle Stephen - different animals from the same breed. You know, like comparing leopards and jaguars. ;) Interestingly enough, there is a new pizza place opening up in town this month (and with 10 already, we *don't* need it!), and their menu features Chicago style pizza. In NJ, this might be interesting. ;)

  4. Wonderful, now you've got me craving pizza...

  5. Me too. Darn you, Rachael Ray!

  6. I've been a Gaby's customer for about 29 years. There's no contest...

  7. Mimi - well, you'll be happy to know that New York pizza won, then!


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