Rachael Ray Honored by Furi

Did you know that Rachael Ray is Australian? Okay fine, she's only an honorary Australian, but still. Last Fall, Furi (the company that manufactures Rachael's knives) threw a party in NYC called "G’Day Füri and Rachael Ray!" Despite the cutesy name, the event was actually celebrating a great cause: Share our Strength. It's a charity that educates kids about healthy cooking and eating. Rachael teamed up with Furi and Share Our Strength to create this Rachael Ray Share Our Strength Gusto-Grip Kitchen Trio Set. A portion of the proceeds benefits SOS.

The party featured Rachael Ray recipes, of course. It included "BBQ lamb 'lollipops,' beef 'sammies,' Australian sparkling Shiraz wine and Australia’s favorite dessert, the pavlova."

In addition to being crowned an honorary Australian, Rachael was "presented with a traditional didgeridoo instrument by the Australian Trade Commissioner." The founder of Furi had this to say: "Rachael has many traits that I think make her just like an Aussie. She’s a real fun-loving larrikin and does not take herself too seriously. And she knows how to enjoy a good party!" Someone want to translate larrikin for me?


  1. okay - a bit late but a larrakin is a good person who knows to have fun bascially! It's a good thing!

  2. According to Answers.com, a larrikin is "a person given to comical or outlandish behavior."

    Is that why she's telling the occasional embarrassing story about herself?

  3. Thank for you clueing me in. That terms certainly does seem appropriate for Rachael - she doesn't take herself too seriously.

  4. G'day mate! I ordered Furi's Rachael Ray set of knives and it is now my most reached after knife set. I originally bought them as a secondary knife, but now reach for them each time!

    Bobbi Gadget-


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