Rachael's Kidz Cuisine Demo

In addition to hosting the Burger Bash at the Food Network's South Beach Food and Wine Festival, Rachael Ray also participated in a cooking demonstration for kids. Miami's CBS4 reports that Rachael's "Kidz Kitchen" event was sold out. When they asked her about the kids food demo, Rachael said: "I love it, it’s great. We come every year." She also said that because it involves kids, it's her favorite part of the Festival each year.

During the event, Rachael had children help her "create special breakfast and dinner lunchboxes." Since we know that one of the cookbooks she is working on right now is called Breakfast, Lunchbox, Dinner, that makes sense, doesn't it? Rachael talked about how important it is to involve kids in cooking (and she talked about beer, too):

"Food teaches kids to share and to not take themselves too seriously," says Ray. "You have to have a sense of humor if you want to be a cook because it doesn't always come out perfectly." When Ray wasn't catering to kids, she was also enjoying some of the more adult segments the Wine and Food Festival had to offer."We started off the festival with 20 different burgers and beer from Amstel Light," said an exuberant Ray. "It’s not a bad way to go."

There's a cute slide show of pictures of the event, too. Just go here and scroll down to Kidz Kitchen with Rachel Ray. There are lots of Yum-o T-shirts in the crowd!


  1. O wow, she looks so pretty here! The sun ( or spray tan) really works well on her!


  2. Yeah, whatever it is, it works!


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