St. Patrick's Day Menus

How can it almost be St. Patrick's Day? Where has the year gone? I won't be cooking for the holiday this year (my sister-in-law has kindly taken on the task), but that won't stop me from sharing some of Rachael Ray's St. Patrick's Day menus with you!

There have been a couple Irish-themed menus on Rachael's Food Network show, 30-Minute Meals, so let's start there:

Rachael's magazine, Every Day with Rachael Ray, also had some Irish offerings in the March issue:

If you try any of these recipes, come back here and leave a comment to let us know how it turned out.

[Photo from MorgueFile]


  1. That 5-minute Bread Pudding sure looked good until I read the ingredients. Now my teeth ache.

  2. Annie - I'm really not a fan of bread pudding to begin with, so I sympathize.

  3. Your grandmother (my mom) Mary Flinn Doms, always made lamb stew for "the day". Of course, a lot of "liquid Irish lubricant", God bless her. I prefer corned beef. Your aunt Martha sent a card today wishing us good Irish food, both lamb and beef. Good thoughts about our Irish heritage.....

  4. I REALLY rub it in on St. Patrick's day in my husband's family, since I can say my Grandmother's maiden name was Flinn! Although, I do also say that other than St. Patrick's Day, being Irish isn't that great (pale skin,freckles, blushing, etc.). So, we really have to live it up on Saturday to take advantage of our heritage.

  5. Irish cheese and putting an "O" in front of something does not an Irish breakfast make. Where's the black pudding and tomatoes? Why bother calling this an Irish breakfast??

  6. We're just not that picky in my household, Meg! It's all in good fun.


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