A Visit to Rachael Ray's Set

Delaware's News Journal recently delved into the secret of Rachael Ray's success. The article also includes a cute story - Rachael was shaking bread crumbs in a plastic bag with chicken when she cracked herself up. (I saw this episode and she cracked me up, too. I would sooo dance around while shaking bread crumbs.) While doing so, Rachael said: "I'm sorry. I was trying to bring the shimmy home. If I don’t get an Emmy for that . . . ."

The article reveals that Forbes estimated Rachael's 2006 earnings at approximately $6 million. It also provides a little update on Rachael's plans to open a burger joint in New York City: "We’re still in the infancy stages of planning, but our current theme is burgers. Everything is still in development."

When asked if she reads the web sites authored by her critics, Rachael said: "No, of course not, I don't have time for that. You can't be all things to all people and you shouldn't try." Good girl.

Rachael also confirmed the craziness surrounding getting tickets to her talk show. The number of ticket requests is so high there there are enough people on the list to fill the 120 seats for two years. Sorry to all of you who hope to get tickets!

I always like to read some little tidbit that I've never heard before (a tough feat since I read almost every article about her in the process of writing this blog!). The tidbit in this article is that between takes, "a DJ spins kitschy music like Rick Springfield's 'Jessie's Girl,' 'Rock Lobster' by the B-52's and the Starland Vocal Band's 'Afternoon Delight' while the audience plays 'Name That Tune' with Smith [her warm up guy]." Am I a super nerd for thinking that sounds like fun? Wait. Don't answer that.

I wish all articles had this "What You Didn't See on TV" section when a reporter visits the set:

•Backstage, someone whispers that a statue of Ray has just arrived from Madame Tussauds Wax Museum. There's no way to tell how closely it resembles the TV host. The statue, which sat in a hallway before being whisked away, is all wrapped up.

•Segments aren't always taped in order. During each taping, audience members receive a "snack of the day," such as cookies. But this day, Ray must retape part of the segment that occurs before the snack is given out. "OK, everyone take the cookies and hide them under the seat," she jokes.

•Constantly looking camera-ready isn't easy. Between takes, staff swoop in to coif Ray's hair, powder her face and reapply lipstick.


  1. I'm glad she doesn't patronize the people who like to nitpick everything she does. I swear, some people seriously need lives.

  2. She wrote an article about it in Esquire a while ago and since then, her standard response has been the one in that article. I agree, it's a good idea not to engage them. What good would it do?

  3. Plus it puts her in a better light if you ask me...she has more class that way.


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