Bid on a Trip to Rachael Ray's Talk Show

We know that Rachael Ray recently did a very good deed, now it's your chance to help her do another one. Rachael is participating in a charity auction to benefit Girls Quest.

According to its website, this auction will help the organization "raise funds to support Girls Quest's programs for underserved girls in New York City." The proceeds will help "provide unique outdoor experiential education, year-round mentoring, and leadership training programs to more at-risk girls."

Rachael donated four tickets to her talk show. There are no bids yet, but the opening bid requirement is only $150.00! You have unil April 30, 2007, at 6:00 PM EDT to bid on the tickets. The estimated value of the tickets is listed as "Priceless," which makes sense since there is such a crazy long waiting list to get them.

Another little tidbit of information garnered from the post about the auction: Rachael's show goes on hiatus from May to mid July. So, don't expect lots of new shows during that time period!

Go check out the auction and bid on the tickets!

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