My Local Station Visits Rachael Ray

How did I miss this? Last September, when Rachael Ray's talk show premiered, my local TV station's Diedre Fitzpatrick traveled to a taping of Rachael's show and wrote a blog entry about her trip!

Here's my favorite excerpt, but you should go check out the whole thing to see what it's like to visit Rachael's show:

My favorite part of these trips is watching the "star" when the red light isn't on. You can tell a lot about them by the way they treat their staff when the red light is off. I've found that many of the celebs who are really nice on TV are really not in real life.

Rachael Ray is an exception.

She is professional, friendly and shockingly funny. After the taping, seven reporters gathered to do one-on-one interviews. Rachael had worked a ridiculously long day and taped two shows. She was sucking in as much coffee as she was oxygen. And yet, she powered through the 15 minute interviews like the day had just started.

After the sixth reporter finished, she got up and started taking off the mic to get out of there. Remember I told you there were seven reporters? Guess who was unlucky numero seven? Yep. Math really ruins everything for me.

Let me tell you there's nothing like walking up to the "it girl" who clearly was in "where are my sweats" mode. But, she sat back down, turned on the charm and proved why people like my father-in-law can't get enough of her.

I really enjoy hearing the "what Rachael is really like" stories. I am sure, like everyone else, you can catch her on a bad day. However, overall, most accounts of encounters with Rachael are positive like Diedre's.

[Photo from KCRA]


  1. You know I love Rachael but I have to wonder, did she get a brow lift? It really looks like it in that picture...know what I mean?? I wonder!

  2. It definitely looks like it in that picture, but it could also be botox. I don't think she's had time to get any serious work done.

  3. Aww she didn't need botox or any plastic surgery. I still don't believe that she's almost 40. I thought she was closer to 28 or so.

  4. I agree. She definitely looks much younger than 40ish.


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