Rachael Ray Should Be Inking a Deal with Prius Anytime Now....

It's usually not a good thing to be mentioned in the New York Post's Page Six gossip column (unless you are a believer in the "there's no such thing as bad press" theory). But Rachael Ray's appearance in the column today is a happy one.

The Post reports that Rachael is a star who actually practices what she preaches when it comes to being environmentally friendly. Here's what they said:

Rachael Ray puts her money where her mouth is. While other so-called "green" celebrities (you know who you are!) tell others to drive Prius cars and then hop into their own gas-guzzling SUVs or town cars, Ray insists on not only driving a Prius, but being driven around in one. Ray uses Ozo Car - a limo service which only has Toyota Prius or Lexus RX400h models in its fleet - for herself, rather than being chauffeured around in a more luxurious town car.

Good for her, huh?

[Photo from Page Six]

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