Rachael Ray's Sweeps Lineup

Talk shows pull out all the stops for Sweeps and Rachael Ray's talk show is no exception. The show announced that it has a competitive lineup starting today with President Bill Clinton's appearance. He's there to talk about the partnership between the Clinton Foundation, Rachael Ray's new charity, Yum-o! Organization, and the Alliance for a Healthier Generation to help kids and their families make healthy food choices.

This show will be followed by the much publicized prom thrown by Rachael Ray for Enterprise High School in Alabama, where eight students were killed this year by a tornado.

Here's the entire Sweeps lineup:

  • President Bill Clinton (April 26)
  • Michael J. Fox (April 27)
  • Judge Judy (May 1)
  • Grey's Anatomy's Justin Chambers (May 3) (I will probably watch this episode at least twice)
  • Robin McGraw (May 7)
  • Mandy Moore (May 8)
  • Patricia Arquette (May 9)
  • Craig Ferguson (May 10)
  • Paula Deen (May 11) (that'll be fun, huh? Imagine what Jacob will do with those pictures.....)
  • American Idol's Sanjaya (May 14) (Noooo!)
  • Ty Pennington (May 15) (there could be spontaneous combustion caused by two uber-high energy people in such close proximity)
  • Jamie-Lynn Sigler (May 18)
  • Tim Gunn (May 18) (Make it work, people!)
  • Chris Meloni (May 22)
  • Two award-winning Mystery Tasters (May 4 and May 14)

So which ones are you looking forward to? I am definitely anticipating the appearances of Justin Chambers (for obvious reasons), Paula Deen, and Tim Gunn. I bet Paula and Rachael together will be a major hoot and with a new season of Project Runway still pretty far off, it'll be nice to get my Tim Gunn fix.



  1. oooooh, fun. although their little cooking segment together for that holiday dessert special or whatever really wasn't all that thrilling. we shall see.

  2. Maybe I better lower my expectations....

  3. Damn I need TiVO or Tifaux or something. LOL. I wouldn't mind seeing Jamie-Lynn Sigler and Chris Meloni (*drool*).

  4. Jennifer - it's not too early to start a Christmas list!

  5. I am looking forward to seeing PATRICIA ARQUETTE visit Rache;s show. She is a true sweetheart, and can't wait to see what the two silly women come up with. love them both, they have been 2 of my faves for years.

  6. I have lost track of Patricial Arquette. It will be fun to see what she's up to these days.

  7. Yay! Love Rachel Ray and Sanjaya!I'm definitely looking forward to seeing Sanjaya! Should be a fun show!

  8. Nancy - he's just so awkward that I get embarrassed for him whenever I see him interviewed.

  9. yay! Sanjaya. Now I have something to share the Rachael Ray show with my wife for!! She loves her cooking and I love Sanjaya's voice. I heard he cooks Indian and Italian both. WOW, Rachael is in for a treat!

  10. I guess we'll have to wait and see, but I bet it will be a very popular episode!


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