The Talk Show Experience

I'm a sucker for stories about what it's like to visit Rachael Ray's talk show, since my odds of going anytime soon are slim to none (New York is a looooong way from California). This recent story from Jaclyn Kopel at Pace University's Pace Press is a fun example of these stories.

Kopel is "a huge Rachael Ray fan" and "watches the show religiously," so I think we can assume she had high expectations. One month after requesting the tickets, they arrived in the mail. The show provided a list of colors that "were not allowed to be worn due to filming specifications." Because of the huge popularity of the show, Kopel ended up spending more time in line to see the show than she actually spent watching the show. Reminds me of the rides at Disneyland.

Kopel was herded into the waiting room for half an hour, which was "stocked with cookies, brownies, chips and sandwiches." That came in handy since they were not allowed to eat during the actual taping.

The show's resident comic, RC, warmed up the audience, then Rachael made her entrance. Here's what Kopel had to say about her:

Once everything was in place, it was amazing to see Ray in person. I couldn't believe how funny and beautiful she was. She improvised a lot of the show and cracked a lot of jokes. I was lucky to have a great seat within inches of Ray for most of the show, allowing me to hear a lot of her conversations with the crew. She seemed as warm and bubbly off camera as she was on.

I am so jealous because she got to attend the taping with Kenny Loggins, one of my all time favorite artists (how can I love Justin Timberlake AND Kenny Loggins?). We get a little behind the scenes info that makes me even more jealous: he performed "Love Song" twice. I could listen to that song 10 times in a row! Everyone in the audience got a copy of his CD and the snack of the day - pan a chocolat.

Kopel's final thoughts: "The whole experience ended up being a lot of fun, but the biggest thrill for me was when I actually got to talk to Ray. During one of the commercial breaks she came over and commented on my long hair." Green with envy over here!

Photo from Rachael Ray.


  1. Flinn goes to sleep every night listening to Kenny Loggins "Return to Pooh Corner" CD. I love it, too!

  2. Hi
    I'm actually Jaclyn Kopel. Like you wrote I'm a HUGE Rachael Ray fan. The story they actually printed is not even close to what I originally wrote. If you or anyone else wants to see the orginal, you can go to and click on the comments section for what I actually submitted to my editor.

  3. Jeny - I wish Chris would let me fall asleep to that.

    Jaclyn - I'm so glad you found my post! I will definitley go check out your full article, although the one they posted was great, too!

  4. Yeah, I'm really glad I found your site. I really like it. I too am a Justin Timberlake/Kenny Loggins fan. They both have great voices and songs. They are both sexy in their own way. When we heard Loggins sing to us I felt like I could float away on a cloud. It was so peaceful and beautiful.

  5. Your description is perfect for my favorite Kenny Loggins song (which no one ever knows): Sweet Reunion. I usually listen to it at least twice.


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