TV Alert: Food Network Awards

The Food Network Awards will be airing at 9 p.m. on Sunday, so set your DVR. Rachael Ray will be one of the presenters. According to the Miami Herald, you'll really need to set your DVR because most of the show is boring. However, there is one exception. The show is boring...

Unless Rachael Ray was at the podium. Her booming voice and savvy timing kicked things up a notch. She even made the winner of the best technology award, a kitchen device called the Anti-Griddle, sound sexy.

The same reporter saw Rachael on the red carpet before the show and said: "The always gregarious Rachael Ray ("Hi, guys!") was probably underdressed, in a polka-dot disco dress, but we'll give her a pass; she is a real cutie, with zero attitude."

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