Why You Should Never Cook For One

Rachael Ray recently talked to the Boston Globe about why you should never cook a meal for only one person. She was single for a long time before meeting her husband John and always said that she never cooked for one. She made a recipe for 4 and lived off the leftovers.

When I was cooking for one, I often found that it was just easier to get take out, since it was faster and cheaper usually. But Rachael says that cooking for one has its benefits: "If I know what's going in is healthful, I don't feel like an extra portion is a bad thing." Rachael recommends meals that make good leftovers, like "chilis, pastas, stews, pizza, omelets, and roast chicken."

Here are a few of Rachael's recipes that will make some great leftovers and would be perfect if you're cooking for one:

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