Memorial Day Menus from Rachael Ray

I'm going to someone else's house on Monday for a BBQ, but that doesn't mean I can't share some good Rachael Ray Memorial Day menus.

Last year (when this blog was just a baby), we did a potluck where I made two main dishes using Rachael's recipes: Korean Flank Steak, which I made recently, and Honey Teriyaki Chicken. Then my friends brought side dishes and a whole bunch of beer. How could we go wrong? I would be hard pressed to top those two main dishes, since they were so easy and got rave reviews.

But, if I were going to try something new this year, I'd probably go for one of these menus:

If you are in the mood to be trendy, you could also have a special cocktail. Here's a huge variety of unique ones you can give a try. Good luck and happy BBQing!

[Photo from Every Day with Rachael Ray]


  1. Thanks for the suggestions. Heading down to the shore this weekend, and this just might do the trick.

  2. I hope you enjoy your trip down to the shore! You silly New Jersey people - it's the beach!

  3. I'll make a convert out of you yet. ;)


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