Paula Deen and Rachael Ray - In Between Takes

Not sure how long this one will last on YouTube, so I thought I should post it while I had the chance! We get a look at what happens on the set of Rachael's talk show in between takes (or maybe after taping?). Looks like a fun party, especially if Paula Deen is there. And notice that Rachael is doing the cooking!

That Paula Deen is a bad influence on Rachael Ray. If they were kids, their moms wouldn't let them play together anymore. What are the Deen boys all worried about? That's them on the left at the beginning, right?


  1. That's great! I'm glad to see they're having such fun. Are you insinuating that Paula's food isn't up to par? I don't know if it is or isn't, but she's the guest in this situation and shouldn't be cooking. Thanks for posting.

  2. Kevin - I wasn't intending to insinuate that Paula should have been cooking - I was just saying that Rachael (instead of her staff) was cooking even during the breaks.

    I wish I'd been invited to that party!


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