Rachael Ray and the Great American Bake Sale

Rachael Ray is creating a ton of buzz after her appearance this Sunday on This Week with George Stephanopoulos. During the appearance, Rachael expressed her support for a Share Our Strength event called the Great American Bake Sale. It's a campaign where people hold bake sales nationwide to raise money to feed hungry children.

During her appearance on This Week, Rachael talked about how we are all hungry for something in our lives, like money, love or success. Then she said: "Imagine what it's really like to go hungry and then imagine what that must be like for a small child, how that must make them feel, completely lesser-than in every way; they're not good enough to get food?"

Share Our Strength and PARADE Magazine are sponsoring the Great American Bake Sale, which runs from May 19 to August 31. To participate, go here and you'll find information about how you and people of every age can put on a bake sale this summer to raise money to feed hungry kids in your community.

By the way, I must not have seen a new episode of 30-Minute Meals for awhile (they certainly do work the re-reruns at the Food Network). Rachael filmed a the Public Service Announcement on her Food Network set and it was waaay more orange than it used to be! I will withhold judgment until I actually see it in use.

So do you think you will throw a bake sale? Maybe I can talk the Sacramento Food Bloggers into participating with me?


  1. I am volunteering myself and am open to any of your ideas! Let's discuss this week. :)

  2. where can i see the public sevice announcement

  3. Thank you, Cakegrrl! We'll figure something out.

    Rob - I searched high and low on Share Our Strength's website and couldn't find it. I'll keep my eye on YouTube.


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