Rachael Ray Heads Home to Lake George High School

It's good to see that Rachael Ray hasn't forgotten where she came from. How do I know this? Well, every year she heads back to her high school to participate in a fundraiser. This year was no exception, according to a local paper.

Rachael hosted a dinner, put on a cooking demonstration, and participated in a question and answer session. During that portion of the evening, she talked about "everything from childhood memories to a new healthy eating project that's being officially launched today on her daytime television show."

Rachael was proud to talk about her new charity, the Yum-o! Organization. She also discussed her perspective on celebrity: "If I can do it, anybody can." Rachael was also proud to say then when she's in town, she hits up the Price Chopper grocery store: "It's cool to stay tight with where you come from." Next time you're in Lake George (what? you're not going?) you can visit one of her favorite spots in town including Lyrical Ballad, 1 Caroline Street, Chianti, Wine Bar, and Mabou.

Rachael also discussed her Dunkin' Donuts gig (where she is helping them develop healthy menu options) and said it squares with her new fight against childhood obesity: "A doughnut's still going to be a doughnut, but it doesn't have to have trans fats in it."

Rachael's reaction to Laura Bush's visit to the set of her talk show is a funny (and probably common) one:

"The White House called and asked, 'Could the First Lady stop by?'" she said. "Sure!" "I had a nightmare that night that I was going to be arrested by the Secret Service," Ray said, laughing.

Another local paper had a few more details on the event.
Clinton is one of several "above the A-list" guests that Ray, who sells herself as a blue-collar celebrity, has encountered since the launch of her talk show last year.

Rachael commented on how the first season of the show went: "We finished our first year on the show, and it's a big first year when you have a sitting first lady and a president in the first season. I don't know how we'll top that," she said.

The school charged $25 per ticket and raised $13,000 for the alumni association. They will use it to fund scholarships, computers, playgrounds, and to generally benefit the school. After the event, Rachael stayed behind "to sign books, socialize and eat some of her own recipes prepared by Sagamore resort chef Gary Lee Berry."

It was Rachael's fifth visit to her alma mater to help out. Hopefully, she will keep going back!

[Photo from Saratogian]


  1. Don't know if you heard, but THS is supposedly airing an episode on RR, this Saturday I believe.

  2. Great minds think alike - I just posted about it!


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