Rachael Ray on the Cover of People Magazine

There has been a Rachael Ray media blitz lately! Her E! True Hollywood story aired on Saturday and it was very positive. Now, she's a cover girl for People magazine. There is a full article about Rachael inside the mag that discusses everything from her love life to plastic surgery rumors to the statements she was rumored to make about Oprah.

Rachael also answered questions from People readers in this video. Like the article, the majority of the questions relate to her relationship with John, but there are a few others about how she keeps in shape and how she responds when men have crushes on her. It's a pretty cute interview and definitely worth a watch.

Here are a few snippets that People shared on it's website. They mostly relate to Rachael and her husband John. We'll have to buy the issue to get the full scoop.

On whether she has time for her husband:

"I can't give a man an enormous amount of attention," Ray, 38, tells PEOPLE matter-of-factly in this week's cover story. "And John is totally down with that. When men I have dated over the years whined about, 'Oh, you make no time for me' – see ya! I just dumped them. I don't need that pressure in my life."

On her relationship with her husband John:

He "was a big surprise to me," she says. "He came at a point in my life when I had decided, I'm not going to chase [marriage]. I don't think young men or women should feel pressured into marriage. You shouldn't marry anyone, in my opinion, who you have to try hard for."

On whether they will have kids:

"I don't have time," she says. "I work too much to be an appropriate parent. I feel like a bad mom to my dog [Isaboo, a pit bull] some days because I'm just not here enough. I just feel like I would do a bad job if I took the time to literally give birth to a kid right now and try and juggle everything I'm doing."

On the tabloid claims that her husband cheated on her:

"I think they said six actually," she says. "I've known where he is every night since we've been married."

What John has to say about it:

"It's fun to come home after a hard day's work and just cook dinner. The place I'm happiest is curled up in bed with Rachael and the puppy."

His wife agrees. "We're very turtlelike," she says. "We listen to music, pour a glass of wine and watch Law & Order."


  1. I don't think there is anything wrong with being childless- at least she's not trying to be superwoman- she realizes she is too busy for children. Kudos to her.

  2. Yeah, she's definitely self-aware. It's good she is honest about it.

  3. she didnt deny his affairs only that she knows wheres hes been

  4. That's not the way I read it, Anony. Seemed like an outright denial to me - she more than just that one line.

  5. I have yet to read the whole article published my People Magazine, but from what I gathered from the bits and pieces...

    She loves to cook, yes we all knew that but she cooks at home w/ her family, and they enjoy it - great that is what she is all about!

    She is honest to herself, and realizes she is too busy for children. You go girl!

    Her, and her husband talk often, and she knows where he is at, and what he is doing, and I don't see her allowing him to cheat on her. They both have a combination or males and females for friends, so what...so do most (or should I say normal) people!

    I think anyone who "downs" her or their life must be jealous... She is a very sucessfuly women and I enjoy everything she is involved with!

  6. Anony,

    Yup, that's basically the gist of it. It's an interesting article - she drinks 10 cups of coffee a day! I thought my 3 a day was bad....


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