Take Rachael Ray Grocery Shopping with You

What will Rachael Ray think of next? Her newest venture is a partnership with AT&T for a service called Rachael Ray Recipes on the Run.

Users subscribe to download Rachael Ray themed features including recipes (40 new recipes added each month), a shopping list that automatically adds recipe ingredients, Quick Picks (a random recipe selection), My Keepers (a place to save your favorite recipes), and the ability to share recipes with family and friends from your phone. Check out a flash demonstration of how it works here.

I had the chance to do a quick little e-mail interview with an AT&T rep to learn more about the program. Here's the 411:

ERR: You know, I could really use Rachael sometimes at the supermarket - can she pick ripe avocados for me?

AT&T: The application will provide users with Tidbits (tips and hints) so maybe one of them will advise users on how to select the perfect avocado...

Could you tell me how this service came about? Did AT&T approach Rachael with the idea?

The application was developed by LimeLife, the leading publisher of mobile content for women. LimeLife approached KingWorld, Rachael Ray's production company with the opportunity to provide content for the application. LimeLife then approached AT&T knowing that they have the largest wireless network. Recognizing Rachael Ray's superstardom and her influence within this space they decided to offer this robust content to their female demographic.

How are the recipes that will be added to the service selected?

All of the recipes are written and selected by Rachael Ray. Forty new recipes will be automatically sent to the handsets through the subscription service. Some of the recipes are new, others are from her cookbook, or have been featured on her TV show, but most importantly, they are all crafted by Rachael Ray!

Do you expect that the service will expand to other providers after the initial 60-day run?

After the initial 60 day period, other wireless carriers will have the opportunity to pick it up. But at this time the application is exclusive to AT&T.

Thanks to Laura at AT&T for answering my questions so quickly. Lucky for me, I had Cingular, which merged with AT&T (or the other way around, who knows?), so I will sooooo be signing up for this. It costs 2.99 a month and you can learn more about signing up here.

Yesterday marked the launch of the service, so AT&T isn't sure about just how popular it will be yet. However, the launch was met with significant interest. I think Mike, Jacob and me being interested is enough to qualify as significant, don't you?


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