New Features for Every Day with Rachael Ray Website

Since the last issue of Every Day with Rachael Ray covered the months of both June and July, I felt the need to hunt around on the magazine's website for something new to check out. Lucky for us, the folks at Every Day with Rachael Ray have added several new features to tide us over until the August Issue.

The first thing I ran across are recipe e-cards. These are e-mail postcards that you can send to friends (or yourself, if you're in the mood). In addition to being a practical way to collect and share recipes, they are pretty darn cute, too. There are nine recipes from each of the the last three issues that you fold and cut to create a two-sided recipe card. I sent myself the recipe for BLD, Carbonara Pizza!

The big change on the website recently is the addition of the Get Together section of the site. There's so much fun stuff in here it's hard to just pick and choose. The best things in my book are the do-it-yourself projects. You can make your own candy wrappers for party favors, personalized placecards with whimsical formats, and even an origami box (you never know when you'll need one of those).

There are a whole bunch of menus for planning a party, from casual to formal. The feature highlights all the Get Togethers section menus from the magazine, so you can find everything from Summer Picnic to a Weeknight Dinner Party. In addition to the menus, you'll find ideas for snacks, cocktails, and decorations. Now I just need to think of a good reason to have a party....


  1. My June/July issue still hasn't arrived. I can't wait to get it!
    Those e-cards look great!

  2. I saw the cards, have to say... pretty creative. :)

  3. You can certainly tell they put some thought into making them fun and cute. That goes a long way with me....


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