New Rachael Ray Pet Special

Could they have found an older picture of Rachael to use to promote her new special for the Food Network? Maybe one in her high school cheerleading outfit? Graduation gown? Sigh.

Anyway, on to the news! Thanks to Jacob I started hunting around on the Food Network's ad sales website and discovered that Rachael Ray will have a new special airing on the Food Network in the second quarter of 2008. Here's how they describe it:

Rachael's Pet Special
A special catering to the many pet enthusiasts that exist today; covering the latest in cuisine for dogs, cats and at home pets and hosted by America’s favorite Food Network star, Rachael Ray. FN talent also has the chance to introduce their furry friends to the world.

I also learned from the site that Tasty Travels and 30 Minutes Meals are returning. Rachael mentioned during Emmy interviews that she found out about the nominations while in the middle of taping 60 new episodes of 30 Minute Meals, so that's not too much of a surprise. I'm glad to hear that Tasty Travels is coming back though.


  1. YumO. Haha, I couldn't resist. Hmm, Rachael Ray cookin for dogs? Whoda thunk it? Sounds fun tho, I've looked at some dog treats and been like, oohh I kinda wana try it, haha. Anyways, I love The Food Network, does anyone else watch Food Network Star? I can't wait to see Paula Deen on this week's episode, she's judging them on comfort food. Did you catch the episode with Bon Appetit? I work with them, and we have a contest where you can enter to win a trip to NYC to tour the studios or $1000 in All-Clad cookware. Check out the link here to enter

  2. Thanks, Anony. I entered, so wish me luck!

  3. Doesn't surprise me since she always cooked for Boo and now cooks for Isaboo. She also has a pet recipe in every issue of her magazine. I will definitely tune in.

    I watch Food Network Star but I'm not a Paula Deen fan.

  4. I agree, Anony - Rachael was cooking for her dog before it was cool. Now it seems like it's a trendy thing.

  5. Sadly Rachael has in the past put
    onions and garlic in her food for
    dogs and that is toxic.

  6. Well, it's a good thing she's not doing that anymore, right?

  7. This pet episode is a TERRIBLE idea! I had to take my sick dog to the vet this week, due to a virus that is apparently going around. My regular vet was on vacation and the fill in was an emergency care specialist. In our conversation, I assured him that my dog had not been given table food, so it must be a virus. Sadly, we had a long talk about the many dogs and cats he treats in emergency situations weekly, due to consumption of "human food". Simply put, animals should NEVER be given people food. Cooking for your dog or cat does NOT mean you are a loving pet owner! It means you are ignorant, irresponsible and foolish. It's not just garlic, onions and chocolate that can be toxic to pets. Many cats and dogs have been seriously harmed, and have even died at the hands of their very foolish owners. FN should NOT be airing this special, what a horrendous idea!

  8. Anony - Rachael Ray did a segment on her talk show about exactly what you are discussing. Don't you think it's a better idea to educate people through a special like this instead of just complaining about it? I do.

  9. I disagree with anon above- you got that from ONE vet? There are certain foods you shouldn't feed your pets and I am pretty sure most pet owners realize this.

    With the scare of pet food contamination, I think this is a wonderful idea. Instead of complaining about it, why not educate yourself more before you throw out some news you heard from ONE vet??

  10. Very true, Jennifer. Plus, what do you think pet food is made out of? It's meat, vegetables, and grains. Hello!

  11. Garlic in non-massive amounts is not toxic to dogs. Yes, it's in the lily family just like onions are. But while onions can cause anemia, the amounts of garlic that normal people put into their pets foods are not going to kill a dog. If you keep in mind that it should be used as a seasoning, and not a main ingredient, you'll be fine.

    Things like chocolate, macadamia nuts, grapes, raisins, onions are all toxic.

    And I know many people who feed their dog "people food" and have healthy and happy dogs. People food is not a complete evil. If people feed scraps of their own meals in excessive amounts, then yeah, that's not good. That's why so many dogs end up in the vet's office with pancreatitis after being given the turkey skin on turkey day, and many die of it. But using "people food" as ingredients for a nutritionally balanced dog food or cat food is just fine. You have to really know what you're doing however to make sure your pet has all the nutrients it needs.

  12. Are you kidding me, "Three Dog Bakery" in Kansas City, Mo, has been in business, for over 15 yrs making dog treats. Rachael has never had an original idea. It died on the vine. Yummo

  13. Oh, Julia, Julia, Julia, you poor misguided person. Rachael Ray is not claiming to have come up with the idea, she's just doing a special about it.

    I'm not sure what about that is complicated - it says in the description they are covering the "lastest cuisine" for pets. Use of the word "latest" is a recognition that the idea is a pre-existing one.

    But thanks for stopping by Everything Rachael Ray!

  14. loved the show....we cook for our dogs daily but we also give them dry dog food mixed in with chicken, rice, meat, etc...

    i watched most of this show but missed a bit since i had to take our girls outside to go potty...

    does rachael feed izaboo dog food as well??!?!?....

    i think it's important for them to get their necessary vitamins and nutrients and obviously meat, chicken and rice isn't enough....

    just curious.....

    and i wish everybody just wouldn't feed their pets in amount of garlic just to be safe.....



  15. Rachael, what a great idea. I love my dogs and if people don't have a dog, what is wrong with them? Every dog needs spoiled. Dogs want to be part of your family. I know that there is always someone out there that will say something negative about this, but these people are usally not happy with themselves. My Pappy would tell them that "in the olden days" dogs only eat table scraps, because they did not have or could not afford dog food. I think you did a GREAT job and you always put a smile on my face. You are great and keep it up.


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