Operation Rachael Ray

Operation Rachael Ray is a campaign waged on behalf of pitbulls to raise awareness (by getting Rachael's attention) about the true loving nature of the much maligned breed. The campaign is a response to pit bull bans all over the nation and even in New York City, where Rachael Ray owns her pit bull, Isaboo. The result of these bans is that many pit bulls are killed without warning.

Chris Cory is coordinating Operation Rachael Ray. He is the Director/Executive Producer of a movie called Diva Dog, which is at the center of campaign. The movie is about Cory's dog, Diva Dog (the artist formerly known as Coral), who was run over by a hit-and-run driver in Malibu and was left permanently paralyzed. She now uses a doggie wheelchair to get around.

The movie includes celebrities who were touched by Diva's story, including Debra Wilson, Linda Blair, Jordan Ladd, James Madio, Kelli McCarty and more. Other celebrities have endorsed the movie, including Maria Conchita Alonso, Rue McClanahan, Ed Begley Jr., Kathy Najimy and Persia White (check out her band XEO3 in our top friends). According to Cory, Diva is "the sweetest thing you could ever see. But a little spitfire nonetheless. And she commanded attention like a true Hollywood diva - and now she is one!"

Check out clips of the movie and learn more about it here.

Operation Rachael Ray is just part of the plan though. The eventual goal is Operation Oprah, which seeks to tap into Oprah's huge fan base. Rachael Ray's advocacy for pitbulls is well-documented, so this seems like something that would be right up her alley.


  1. I don't think any breed of dog is innately ill-tempered. I think pit bulls--or any breed, for that matter--are taught how to be mean and ugly. Boo and Isaboo were/are good-natured...they must be, or Rachael would be among the walking wounded by now.

  2. I agree. Don't fault an entire breed because of what individuals have done.

  3. Anonys - I'm thinking the tide might be turning for pit bulls, since they are getting more press like this. It's definitely the owners, not the breed.

  4. Amen anon! And thanks so much to Rachael Ray for standing up for the breed.

  5. I don't think a dog should have to suffer for the lack of leadership from it's owner. The behavior of ANY breed of dog is a reflection of it's owner. I have to pits myself and I get compliments all the time about how they are very well behaved. There is nothing wrong with pit bulls, but there is something wrong with ignorance.

  6. Thank you, Madeline, for your article about Pit Bulls. I rescued one at 2 1/2 wks old who is 2 yrs old now and she is amazing. I am so glad to see positive press about such an awesome breed! Thank you so much!

  7. Thanks to Rachael and Madeline for writing about and loving these dogs. They are wonderful family members and unfortuantely only those who are ruined by irresponsible owners are highlighted in the media. Pit bulls love people and kids and are wonderful companions - in the right hands. It's about time someone started campaigning for them on a large scale - these dogs do police work, search and rescue and serve as therapy / service dogs. Clearly they are not all bad as a breed. THANK YOU Rachael for supporting this and everyone should see Diva Dog - I just watched my copy and while sad, it is also so inspiring to see what this dog overcame and how truly happy she was. She had no idea she was disabled!

    Jennifer Evans

  8. Thank you so much for bring more attention to the blessed Pit Bulls!! Never a sweeter dog to walk on this earth!

  9. Thanks to Madeline for highlighting the Diva Dog movie and thanks to Rachael for being a positive roll model of a true pit bull dogowner.

    My city is still in the dark ages, and has a breed ban on all pit bulls. Just this past few weeks, Kansas City, KS has taken away a family's beloved 7 mth old labrador/pit mix. Prince had a good home, but his family cannot afford to move out of the city and was not aware of the ban. They have been forced to give up their dog.

    Another lady had her dog Fleas, that her vet had told her was a Sharpei/Boxer mix, her labrador and 5 wk old puppies and her son's Doberman who had pups, only 5 wks old, all confiscated. KCKS Animal control declared all puppies must be pits and killed all of them and the labrador mother. The dogowner, could only get her dog Fleas out after signing him over to a new owner and her son got his Doberman out. The dogowner, Apryle, is trying to get money together to move out of the city so she can be reunited with her dog. She will have to go to court, and is being charged with possession of pit bull dogs.

    The third lady, is disabled and has two Staffordshire Terrier service dogs. She has been taken to court and charged with criminal charges for owning pits. Her dogs fate is still up in the air. I am not sure if the city is going to let her keep her service dogs, they might have to be surrendered to Animal Control.

    This folks is the harsh reality of who is impacted by breed bans.

  10. Thank you so much for writing about Diva Dog and including Rachael Ray's Isaboo. It is through education that we can start to tackle the fate of so many pits.
    I am the proud owner of a 14yr Pit Bull named Miranda. I also own a 3yr American Bulldog named "Maxine the Beauty Queen". They are my loves and important members of my family.
    Thank you for drawing attention to the cause!

  11. pit-bulls are naturally a friendly breed. i would like to share a story, recently my friends parents abondoned an 11 month old pit in queens. they live an hour north in orange county ny. the pit was released without telling the 23 and 22 year old kids at the house. she was found in a school with no tags lickin children. shes was brought to brooklyn humane society and luckily found by the children and brought back home where she will be living with the recently (moved out of the parents house) children. :)this abandoned pit was lickin elelmentary students. they were told pitbulls in schools were normally shot by the police


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