Rachael Ray at the Daytime Emmys

Rachael Ray didn't win any Daytime Emmy awards on Friday night, but she was the "host" of the show. I put host in quotation marks because it was mostly an honorary title. She opened and closed the show, but other than that, it was mostly narrated by a disembodied voice.

However, Rachael did keep herself busy even though the hosting duties were light. ET posted an article and video about the show on their website, which includes some info about Rachael's contribution. Rachael traveled to the awards down Hollywood & Highland passing out Italian ices from a truck. Check out the video on ET's site.

Marc Malkin of E! Online's Planet Gossip also informs us that Rachael Ray had a bit of a mishap before the awards:

Rachael Ray wanted to do some swagging at the lounge, but she only had time to pop in to say a quick hello.

Unfortunately, she was dealing with a travel nightmare. I'm told American Airlines misplaced the cooking-show queen's bags when she flew from New York to Los Angeles on Friday for the Daytime Emmys.

A rep for Ray confirms the mishap, and I'm happy to report that the luggage was eventually found and delivered intact on Saturday.

Poor Rach didn't have her luggage till the next day. I'm giving her props for being green and flying commercial when many stars guzzle jet fuel in their private jets!

Check out a whole bunch of pictures of Rachael at the show here.

Photo from ET Online.

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