Rachael Ray in Us Weekly

Last week we heard about how Rachael Ray's luggage was lost when she went to LA for the Daytime Emmy's (and don't forget I gave her props for going green and flying commercial).

This week US Weekly magazine had a little blurb about Rachael's bad luck. But, it wasn't too bad, since it sounds like they only lost it temporarily:

(This is a scan from my issue of the magazine, so the quality isn't too great.) Just consider this more evidence that Rachael Ray is not divorced.


  1. From watching RR's show, I've determined she's not too broken up about the adverse tabloid stories. (Wasn't it Cher who said she didn't know what was happening in her own life until she read the gossip magazines?) (It's dumb, anyway. Rachael even admitted to "E! True Hollywood Story" that she had a personal relationship with that guy she worked with on TV in Albany, NY.)

  2. Jeff - Somedays, "Rachael Ray divorce" is the number one search term for my blog. It's nuts.


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