Rachael Ray Roundup

The interview I did with the Food Network's Guy Fieri has posted over on Edible TV, in two parts (one and two). I was so excited about talking to Guy and I think it turned out pretty well. So go read it and tell me you like it, even if you don't.

Here are the Rachael Ray posts from around the blogosphere this week. If you see a post that you think would be good for the Roundup, or you write one yourself, e-mail me so I can be sure to include it.
  • Alisha at Cook. Craft. Enjoy. paired her family's favorite steak recipe with Rachael Ray's Garlicky, Cheesy Bread Chunks and Green Onions and String Beans with Balsamic Brown Butter.
  • Todd at Stuff My Brain Filter Doesn't Catch wrote a hopeful Ode to Rachel Ray. Todd - I recommend spelling her name correctly - it will help your cause!
  • Rachael Ray didn't win a Daytime Emmy, but Popsugar has some pictures of her at the show. I later found out Rachael was the host, but her hosting duties were nominal.
  • Kimber at No Limits Ladies discusses a recent segment on Rachael Ray's talk show regarding who should pick up the bill on a dinner date.
  • Kerry Trueman at The Huffington Post joins the club of people that misspell Rachael's name, but she does make some interesting points in support of Rachael's charitable activities and against her anti-fan club.
  • The scene in Angie of Seeking Simplicity's kitchen after her husband made a surprise dinner using Rachael Ray's recipe for Pretzel Crusted Chicken Breasts with Cheddar-Mustard Sauce is very familiar in my house, except I'm the one that makes the huge mess.
  • Michael Tosatto at Cooking in Kansas City is not having any luck with Rachael Ray's recipes. I submit that he is choosing the wrong ones!
  • According to the Savannah Morning News, Terri S. Henry was inspired by Rachael Ray to contribute her time and energy to benefit the Great American Bake Sale. Paula Deen's even helping out!


  1. Great job on the Guy interview Madeline! He seems like a lot of fun.

  2. He really was fun. I'm going to have to visit his restaurant here in Sacramento way more now.

  3. I am shamed by my spelling oversight...Thanks for pointing it out and for the "linkage" though.

    I will have to check out your roundup regularly now.

  4. Todd - no worries - you are in very good company. Huge newspapers misspell her name all the time. I've even done it a few times myself.

    I'm laughing with you, not at you!


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