Rachael Ray's Talk Show Travels Down Under

Rachael Ray's talk show hit a landmark this week. It announced that the show will air in Australia beginning on July 2nd. The show will air daily, at 3:00pm on Australia's W Channel. Sky News says the series "features Ray whipping up her favourite recipes, chatting to special guests and dishing up information on all the issues that affect our daily lives." Sounds pretty accurate to me (except for that silly extra "u" in favorite).

Sky News also seemed particularly excited about the show's tie to Oprah Winfrey and her Harpo production company. As for the Oprah connection, Sky News said: "Ray is a regular guest on 'Oprah' and has turned her '30-Minute Meal' concept into a bestselling series of television programmes and cookbooks. After 'Dr Phil', Ray is only the second personality that Winfrey's Harpo Productions has produced a talk show for."

Well, since Rachael Ray is an Honorary Australian, I guess this makes perfect sense.

Trivia Question - Why did I use the picture above for this post?


  1. Survivor "Outback" in Australia

  2. As a RR fan in Australia, I am VERY excited about this news. It will start on the air July 2nd! Now only to get her magazine and cookbooks here then I will be very happy!

  3. Is Rachael "hosting" the daytime emmy's? I don't think so, but this newspaper does.

  4. Nellbe - you can't get her cookbooks there either? The Food Network's website has most of her recipes on there, but the cookbooks are awesome!

    Jacob - how funny! Just goes to show tha tyu can't believe everything you read.

  5. Jacob - Darn it, they were right! She did host, but that didn't mean much. It was mostly narrated.


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