This Week on Rachael Ray's Talk Show

Lots of repeats this week, so here's your chance to catch up. Here are the highlights and recipes from Rachael Ray's talk show this week. For the recipes from this week's shows, check out the shopping list and the recipe archive. The recipes are listed by category in the order they appear on the show.

Monday: Felicity Huffman (Repeat). Felicity Huffman shares Desperate Housewives secrets and her tips for finding a better boyfriend. Rachael also discusses whether there is a cure for cellulite and provides a recipe for a savory treat. Lemony Poppy Chicken with Sweet Pea & Mint Couscous is what's for dinner (check out my review of this recipe here.)

Tuesday: Rupert Everett (Repeat). Raquel Welch and Rupert Everett visit Rachael (although, not together). Welch shares "secrets for staying sexy after 60" and Everett stops by to chat about his current and previous film roles. We also learn about foods to fight fat and Rachael discusses whether a 17-year-old is ready to get married. Here, Rach, let me help. No, a 17-year old is not ready to get married. Curried Winter Vegetable Stoup is what's for dinner.

Wednesday: Kids and Body Image (Repeat). The show starts with some information about kids and their body image. Country music star Vince Gill talks about his wife Amy Grant and performs for the audience. Also, tips on how to keep your pet safe from animal ER doctors. Sausage, Pepper & Onion Burgers with Green Bean Salad is what's for dinner and Rachael also shows us how to make Quick & Easy Roasted Garlic.

Thursday: Chandra Wilson (Repeat). Chandra Wilson from Grey's Anatomy stops by. She plays tough as nails resident Miranda Bailey. Chandra gives Rachael a cooking lesson, talks about Grey's Anatomy, and they make an Italian Soul Food dinner. Rachael also offers tips on planning a party on a budget and provides some bartending tips. Turkey Saltimbocca is what's for dinner.

Friday: Sopranos Sauce-Off (Repeat). Two stars from the Sopranos, Steven Schirippa and Vince Curatola, have a contest to decide who makes the best pasta sauce. Rachael also offers double-duty decorating tips and features "Midge the crime-fighting dog." Egg Pasta Frittata and Bird in a Nest (my nemesis) are what's for dinner (or breakfast).


  1. these two guys look like they know how to eat hehe..

  2. Is it all reruns until fall now?

  3. Chicken - well, the sauces they created certainly sounded good.

    Leigh - I think so. I'm considering it a good way to review all the recipes. Those Sausage Pepper and Onion burgers might show up on my dinner table soon.


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