10 Ingredient Recipe Challenge

I know some of you out there are really talented chefs, so I've got a great opportunity for you. Rachael Ray's talk show and her magazine are both running recipe contests right now that require the use of 10 ingredients. Here's your chance to cook on Rachael's show (including a trip to NYC) or be featured in her magazine.

The talk show contest, called the 10 Ingredient Challenge, is described here and introduced by Rachael in this video. The basic idea is that you have to create recipes from 10 set ingredients: beef, rosemary, puff pastry, dried apricots, mint, ricotta cheese, mushrooms, blueberries, bacon, and green beans. There's also a list of spices/other ingredients that you can use.

The recipe can be "breakfast, lunch or dinner, or a combination of each of those meals." You can even create a three-course meal if you want to, as long as all your recipes can be made within one hour and all 10 ingredients are used. To enter, you have to fill out a form, submit a videotape, and submit an easy-to-read version of the recipe. All the details, including a list of the pantry items you can use, are right here.

The contest for the magazine, called the Every Day Kitchen Challenge, is a little bit simpler. You can use "10 ingredients or fewer from the Every Day Essentials list." This one has a simpler prize, too: a free, one-year subscription and a "Yum-O" T-shirt. You just fill out this form with your contact info, the recipe name, its ingredients, how to prepare it, and submit an optional picture of the dish.

I wish you the best of luck!

Photo from Rachael Ray Show.


  1. I considered the challenge and then realized I'd have to touch and quite possibly eat mushrooms so I am out of the game before it started!

  2. You've already been on her show once, Jeny! Although, I do understand your desire for another trip to NYC, since the first one was so fun.

  3. hmm i wonder if turkey bacon counts (i keep kosher) .. i'll give it a try :D

  4. I bet turkey bacon would count, since they don't specify which type.

  5. When does this contest end??? Is there a deadline?

  6. Blake - I tried my darndest to find a deadline but couldn't. They are still advertising it on both sites, so I guess we can assume it is still open.


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